Ex Lazio, a new bench for Stam that starts from the USA


Former Lazio defender Jaap Stam recently embarked on a coaching career. Soon it will start again with a new adventure

ROME – After ending his football career with Ajax in 2007, Jaap Stam two years later began his coaching career on the Zwolle bench, also in the Netherlands. But the real turning point came when he led the Readin in England, the former Lazio defender, however, had no luck with the very first experiences. After changing three teams in three years, the former center is now ready to go and to do so it is willing to go to the other side of the world: in the United States of America. The former Cragnotti era power plant will accumulate further experience driving Cincinnati. The club itself communicates the official through its Twitter account. Some time ago Stam had expressed his desire to broaden his horizons.




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