Every day the Venetians “have lunch with Zaia” and the parody of Crozza arrives. On Greece: “reprehensible behavior”


The fact that the Venetians have lunch listening to the governor Zaia has now become a fact for many citizens who every day, at 12.30, connect from social networks, radios and televisions to listen to the press point with the words of the President of the Region Veneto.

Today Zaia thanked the world of communication (radio, televisions and newspapers) for the efforts made in recent months in telling the Coronavirus emergency in Veneto. For him, if there had been no correct communication, the same tragedy would have been perceived differently by Venetian citizens.

On the subject of local public transport, Zaia spoke of trains that are starting to get crowded and asked Trenitalia to add other cars, restoring the rides that have been suppressed with an eye also for the route that affects Venice.

Great attention from the Venetians to the theme of summer camps for which there has been a real “call of the people”.

Zaia has returned to the question of the mask that from Monday you will have to take to closed places and environments where social distancing cannot be guaranteed.

For the governor of Veneto, therefore, those who walk without a mask will no longer be “outlawed” even if every Venetian must bring it with them in order to wear it at the most appropriate time.

“We are working on a second ordinance – Zaia explained – which will be enacted before mid-June and which will concern the world of shows: theaters, cinemas, discos and other activities”.

The president of the Veneto Region specified that entertainment with fixed seats sitting at the table is still allowed.

If epidemiological data allow it, the entertainment sector that has suffered significant losses since the start of the pandemic will then be able to restart.

THEn With regard to “family barbecues”, Zaia specified that they can also be done with friends but without gatherings.

On the issue of the undue interference of the judiciary in the world of politics, referring specifically to the affair that affected the former minister Matteo SalviniZaia said that the injured party is also the majority of respectable magistrates who will be indirectly damaged by those who have acted incorrectly.

Zaia spoke of “bad apples” which should be punished without making generalizations and called Salvini an injured party also focusing on the intervention of the President of the Republic, whom he believes has done his job completely.

The governor of Veneto also commented on the comedian’s performance Maurizio Crozza, who he appreciates for his professionalism, for the parody that concerned him, joking that he could commit more to makeup and diction and that there is no problem if satire remains respectful of people.

Zaia, who specified that the borders of the Veneto are open to all, also expressed his opinion on the declarations of closure towards Italy by Greece which, according to the governor, had absolutely reprehensible behavior, mainly because it is located in Europe.

These are the data today, Saturday 30 May 2020, on the Coronavirus emergency in Veneto: 660,018 swabs (14,591 more than yesterday), 19,146 positive (12 more than yesterday), 1,727 people in isolation (another 100 less), 384 hospitalized (27 fewer than yesterday with 120 positive out of 384), 30 intensive care (7 positive), 3,374 discharged (25 more than yesterday), 1,916 deaths in total (10 more yesterday and 1,376 deaths in hospital) while 77 are born in the last 24 hours.

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