Even Minister Azzolina under escort


Even Minister Azzolina under escort

After the deputy minister of health Sileri and the governor of Lombardy Fontana, protection also for the owner of the school, Lucia Azzolina. To report it to Adnkronos Bianca Laura Granato, Senator M5S and member of the VII Senate Education Commission: “The Minister In addition to sexist insults, Azzolina suffered threats to the competition. Since yesterday she has been put under escort like Undersecretary Sileri. They tried to hack her Facebook profile and current account, “he explains. According to Adnkronos, Minister Azzolina has been escorted since Monday, the men of the Guardia di Finanza are taking care of her security.

Also threatened with death, Azzolina lawsuit prof

Solidarity with the minister in a note from the political leader of the 5 Star Movement Vito Crimi, who adds “An intolerable climate has been created about the school, which could and should have been avoided. Minister Azzolina has just recently decided to allocate the escort and to you goes all my solidarity and closeness to me and the 5 Star Movement. “Crimi writes, who adds:” To the attacks and instrumental provocations against him, unacceptable sexist insults and threats have recently been added, even by alleged teachers. Lucia Azzolina is a competent and courageous minister, let’s go forward together with our heads held high on the path of change and support for the Italian school “.

“We need to lower our tone and politics, first of all, must set a good example. Everyone is right to express their ideas, the confrontation is always healthy and democratic, but I find the sexist insults that have been addressed to the minister in the last few weeks unspeakable. Azzolina. Lucia was attacked and threatened, so much so that a few days ago she was also assigned an escort. ” He writes it in a post on Facebook Luigi Di Maio. “My total closeness goes to you,” adds the Foreign Minister. “There is a risk of exasperation and social tension that can result in the country – he continues – Mine is an appeal to all political forces: people do not want controversy, but facts. People want to see us work. In silence, without controversy” . “At this stage there is no battle of a single political force. The battle belongs to everyone – writes Di Maio – The future of Italian citizens is at stake, there is a country to be supported and rebuilt. We work together and united We are paid to do this, not to chase polls or electoral consensus, “concludes the minister.

“All my closeness and my support to the minister and colleague Lucia Azzolina, to whom I wish to continue as far as possible to do your job with serenity and the best she can, as she has always done. A supportive hug, from who knows what I am saying that we are not the country of hatred, but we risk becoming one if we let it win. ” So the deputy minister of health Pierpaolo Sileri, under escort since yesterday, as the owner of the Department of Education.

“I want to express all my solidarity and closeness to Minister Azzolina, for the threats and insults she has received and which have led to her being escorted. Unfortunately we know that from verbal to physical violence the step is short; deeply sorry and worries that this climate of hatred and threats has been created on school, as on health and on other highly sensitive and fundamental issues for the restart of our country. We will keep our guard up ”. So in a note the Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa.

“We did not think it could happen, but an intolerable and very serious climate has been created on the school. After the repeated attacks that certain politics has pretentiously reserved for Lucia Azzolina, some troublemakers are pushed to insult the minister, with sexist offenses and messages of truly hateful hatred. But as always hatred calls hatred, and even real threats have been reached, so much so that it has been decided to allocate her escort. All this is unacceptable. Lucia Azzolina goes our full and unconditional solidarity. go forward together with our heads held high in the path of change and support for the Italian public school and its best forces. These vile threats will not intimidate us, let alone stop us “. So in a note the exponents of the 5 Star Movement in Education Committee in the Senate.

“When we say that at the moment we must pay the utmost attention to the risks of social tension we don’t say so much to say: it is very serious that a school minister must be put under escort for the threats received. I invite everyone to common sense and I reiterate the need to work together to safely restart the school year “. The president of the senators of Italia Viva says so Davide Pharaoh.

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