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“Something in Europe is moving, what happened today is definitely a step forward”. To say it is not Giuseppe Conte, but Giorgia Meloni. The leader of Fratelli d’Italia, in the face of the seven hundred and fifty billion allocated by the EU, of which Italy should end up in his pocket 80 with a non-repayable loan and 90 as loans, is produced in a small step backwards. “If something has moved – he said in an interview with The print on the so-called Recovery Fund (fund to help countries get out of the coronavirus emergency) – I think it was also for our criticisms and pricks. Having said that yes, 500 billion in grants are few. I won’t say it: Commissioner Gentiloni spoke of 1,500 billion “.

In fact, the most sovereign among the sovereigns does not hide some doubts: first of all the fact that the details are still a mystery. “The second – he continues – is related to timing, because to us those money is needed immediately, are to be used now to save families and businesses from the disaster we face. If they give it to us next year and maybe spread it over seven years, we are fresh! What they try to save will already be dead. Then, if they are tied to precovid European programs, it means that the lords have not understood that the world has changed “.

Not only that, because what happened yesterday, Wednesday 27 May, makes it clear who really commands within Europe, namely Germany and France. The two of them urged the EU commission on aid to countries in difficulty. “They – Meloni immediately puts her hands forward – have not done so out of generosity. Simply without us Europe does not exist. And if the European ‘cow’ dies, it no longer makes milk especially for them. They cannot afford it believe me it’s not Europeanism. ” Then the leader of FdI also breaks a spear in favor of Conte, admitting without too many words that “something has gotten”. But on the other hand – he continues – “Conte is the premier of one of the seven most industrialized countries in the world, it has enormous bargaining power. I just don’t think he is fully aware of it. “And who knows, Meloni did not want to throw one last challenge at Matteo Salvini, removing himself a little more from him than anti-Europeanist positions. Maybe a gamble, maybe a forward-looking move. Certainly an attempt that, if it were successful for FdI, could further level the power relations in the center-right deployment.

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