Euroambiguo. Matteo Salvini and that appointment within the League that does not arrive


The north awaits government responses. And it is that same north waiting to know what the League’s economic proposal is. Hope for Giancarlo Giorgetti or once again disappoint with Eurosceptic Alberto Bagnai? Marrying the Recovery Fund blessed by the Franco-German axis that could allow the Belpaese to get 100 billion in grants or continue to bomb the “bad and bad” technocracy of Brussels with tweets? The dilemma has been suspended for weeks, from that famous January 31 when Matteo Salvini convenes the federal council in the aftermath of the defeat in Emilia Romagna. Agenda: analysis of the election result and reorganization of the party. Here, that afternoon in via Bellerio the League captain assigns a series of proxies, the Foreign affairs to Giancarlo Giorgetti, the Culture to Lucia Borgonzoni, the Transports to Edoardo Rixi, the Environment to Vannia Gava, the Health to Luca Colletto, ex assessor by Luca Zaia, not a trivial detail.

And the economy? Do you forget? No reply. The choice of the Economic Department becomes symbolically more important than any other choice. Because based on the profile selected you will understand the League strategy. Will Borghi and Bagnai be confirmed? “You cannot be ambiguous about Europe, about the single currency, otherwise you will never be accepted by the chancelleries and you will not be credible”, is the advice of the Georgian wing. All there is is the tug of war between the League of struggle and the League of government, between Salvini’s populist instinct and Giorgetti’s pragmatism. That day Salvini decides not to decide. “Within ten days we will complete the team,” assuring the leader in via Bellerio by covering up any internal tension. Ten days go by but you don’t see a shred of appointment on the economic box. The case breaks out in the corridors of via Bellerio. The initial idea is to resize the No Euro wing, to confine it to a corner. Those were the days when Salvini seemed to want to focus on the government of national unity, he was sending out signs of relaxation at the Quirinale. In short, it seemed that he had decided to abandon the aggressive and Eurosceptic line.

Yet he seems to lack courage. It takes time, cincischia. “He does not give the job to not dissatisfy anyone,” they murmur. It is enough to review his press conferences between February and March, where the most desperate economic souls happily materialize at his side. An example? At the table Bagnai and Borghi but also Massimo Garavaglia and Massimo Bitonci. It must be said that in the last period Bagnai has been the most noteworthy. But the reason, they say, is very simple: “When the pandemic broke out he was the only economic manager to be in the capital.” The Florentine professor, whom the spins still indicate as “economic manager”, has been delegated to conduct all the negotiations with the government on Cura Italia. This made Bagnai, the only economic manager, seem. In truth it is not so. “The appointment has not been formalized,” admits a senior executive who knows the file and tells HuffPost that “another federal council will be needed.” And it is as if Salvini wanted to keep all the doors open. To the no Euro but also to those “managers”, to whom the entrepreneurs of the north look, and who day after day not only take on substance but could have the papers to oust the former Interior Minister who in the meantime has squandered in a few weeks eight percentage points in surveys.

From here you return to the starting point. They say that in these hours a high-ranking Northern League has raised the question: “How did it end with the economic department?”. Silence, mouths sewn. There are many discontents. This is why the point of fall seems to be to unpack the economic department: Bagnai (Finance), Garavaglia (Tesoro) and Guidesi (Productive activities, a sort of economic development). When? It is not known. The fact is that it is a strategy to cover yourself from many sides. Holding the professor in Florence, he winks at the most angry electorate that contends for Meloni. But placing Garavaglia and Guidesi, defined as “Giorgettians”, rebalances the weights and gives the League a more sober face in economics. It is no coincidence that it is enough to re-read the statements of Bagnai and Garavaglia on the Recovery Fund. The first shot at zero elevation: “In a nutshell, it is not clear how much we would receive or how we will be forced to spend the sums received. The only certain fact: the increase in our already substantial net contribution to the EU budget, in exchange for excluding our country from the tables where the future of a project financed by us is decided. ” The tone changes when Garavaglia intervenes on the issue, for years considered the “shadow minister of VAT”. Here, the former mayor of Marcallo with Casone, a double degree, one of whom at Bocconi, shows himself to be an aperturist in front of SkyTg24 cameras. On Wednesday, a guest with Carlo Calenda, the former Undersecretary for Economy of the Conte-1 government replied: “Recovery Fund? For God’s sake, if we got 100 billion in grants it would be fine. “

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