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Research in the Segrino lake after the disappearance of man
Research in the Segrino lake after the disappearance of man
Eupilio (Como), 31 May 2020 – He entered in water to take a bath and no longer emerged. The searches to lneedle of the Segrino of a 48-year-old man, Mattia Gandola, resident in Canzo, almost certainly drowned in the small body of water above Erba. To give the alarm around 18 it was the wife, who had accompanied him to the lake and instead of following him in the water he preferred to stay on the shore to sunbathe. The woman said she was asleep for a few minutes and to have thus lost sight of her husband who has in the meantime moved away by swimming. Only when he woke up, when he didn’t see it next to him, did he realize that something bad had happened and immediately gave the alarm by calling 112 with the mobile phone.

In a few minutes on the lake shore in the area of ​​the chalet, on the border between Canzo and Eupilio, two teams of Erba firefighters arrived and immediately began to patrol the lake on board a rubber dinghy. A helicopter of the fire-fighting took off from Varese also came to their aid and began to patrol the stretch of water from above. Unfortunately, every attempt was unsuccessful and the divers who arrived from Milan who scoured the cold waters of the lake until there was light did not get better results.

A drama that took place under the eyes of hundreds of people who yesterday afternoon, taking advantage of the beautiful day, took a walk and in some cases the first swim of the season. The carabinieri of Erba and Asso took care of keeping them away with the help of the municipal police. It is thanks to the testimonies of the other swimmers if it was possible to reconstruct in which direction the man from Canzo he swam away, although unfortunately none of them saw him sink and least of all he was in difficulty. In all likelihood the unfortunate swimmer he was seized with an illness, probably caused by the water temperature still too rigid even for a sporty person and used to swimming across the lake. You will only be able to learn more when the body is fished out, searches continued until yesterday evening and will resume in the early morning with light, also using a robot to search the lake bottom.

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