EU, 172.7 billion Recovery Fund for Italy. But Holland is holding back


750 billion euros. The amount amounts to Recovery Fund proposed by the European Commission of Ursula Von der Leyen, which provides for a majority share for Italy of 172.7 billion, of which 82 completely non-refundable. The remaining 91 billion, on the other hand, in the form of loans.

The recovery plan of theEurope, renamed Next generation Eu, to face the continental health emergency and economic crisis due to the pandemic of coronavirus, has been included in the wider project of support to member countries contained in the EU budget 2021-2027. President Von der Leyen herself commented on the maxi-measure as follows: “In addition to solidarity to overcome the immediate crisis, we want to propose this pact to invest in the future. This tool will help companies in difficulty and support investments in technologies to allow supply chains to become more resilient, also in view of future crises”.

So the German added: “It is time to do the right thing. Seventy years ago the founding fathers took the first step towards creating a Europe based on peace and well-being, while today we have to write a new chapter towards a Europe of sustainability. Next Generation Eu it will have to allow future generations to reap the fruits sown today; with the Recovery Fund we want to create a different Europe, to get out of it crisis and being inspired by the ideals that gave birth to the European Union “.

To reach the € 750 billion of the recovery plan, the EU will raise the ceiling of its own resources for a certain period of time (not yet defined). balance common to 2% of European GDP and going to markets to finance itself. In addition, to find resources, Brussels proposes to include new revenues from taxation on CO2 emissions, large multinationals, plastics and even web taxes.

Exults theFranco-German axis, but also the Spain and theItaly They smile. On the other hand, the Dutch hawks of austerity and rigor do not always smile; not by chance i Netherlands of Mark Rutte they turned off the enthusiasm, biting the brake: “Negotiations will be long, positions are far apart”. The last word will be up to the European Council: it will be a decisive battle game.

We said about the Italian smile for the Recovery Fund. The Prime Minister is satisfied Giuseppe Conte that speaks of “excellent sign of Brussels”. In fact, on his social profiles, the premier wrote: “Excellent signal from Brussels, it is going exactly in the direction indicated by Italy. We have been described as visionaries because we believed in it from the beginning. 500 billion in grants and 250 in loans are an adequate figure. Now we are speeding up the negotiations and freeing up the resources “.

Also Silvio Berlusconi expresses satisfaction with the EU proposal on the Recovery Fund: “From Europe good news, today is a positive day. Europe has followed the path that we of the European People’s Party had indicated and for which we spent a lot within the EPP: 750 billion is an important commitment for shooting “. The leader of Come on ItalyFinally, it lashes the Giallorossi executive, inviting it not to squander the billions it could have: “It is essential that the Italian government makes good use of these funds, for the business system and the labor market, overcoming the slowness of our bureaucracy. If we dispersed these resources into a thousand assistance streams, as happened in the latest government measures, it would be wasted an extraordinary opportunity to restart, to hook the recovery of the European economy “.

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