Esposito: “Callejon-Lozano, more than likely goodbyes. Big hit? I make a name, but it’s difficult”


Salvatore Esposito, a well-known actor, spoke about the current situation of Napoli also referring to the transfer market.

Salvatore Esposito, actor, spoke on “NAPOLI MAGAZINE LIVE”, a broadcast conducted by Antonio Petrazzuolo. Here is what was stated: “It is not fair to renew with Mertens and Zielinski: it is absolutely right. I’m sorry that maybe Callejon will leave, because he is an extraordinary player, but we must always try to keep the best and therefore, I would immediately talk about Meret’s renewal. Insigne cannot be discussed, together with Mertens they must be the cornerstones of Napoli. I believe that Napoli is actually thinking of Everton because only with Insigne and Politano, with the more than likely departures of Callejon and Lozano, will we certainly have to think about reinforcing the role of outside. I’m watching the Bundesliga games and I have to tell the truth, it seems like summer football, because without the public it’s not the same thing at all. ”

Then Esposito he added: “The playoffs could be a solution that would make the season finale more interesting, it seems to me a very fascinating idea. In these days of forced quarantine, surely I have also worked in fields other than cinema, TV and theater, let’s say that not I have neglected the writing … If I had to say something to Mertens and his companions? I would certainly renew the contract also in Callejon, even if I had different, more positive feelings with Mertens, obviously the company will have to adequately replace the players who will eventually leave. Property in Naples would be a big hit, but to imagine that he can leave Lazio now, I think it’s a bit difficult“.

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