Erkin: “De Boer shattered my dreams. Inter was my big step. Biabiany is right”


In 2016 he was considered one of the best side players in Europe, so much so that his arrival on a free transfer to Inter had been defined by insiders as a big deal. Then, with the farewell of Roberto Mancini (who had blessed his engagement) at the Nerazzurri bench everything changed. Caner Erkin, exclusively for FcInterNews, after years of silence, for the first time to the Italian press and tells what happened in the summer of 2016.

How did you feel when you were hired by Inter? And why did you decide to sign for the Nerazzurri and not for other clubs?

“I thought you were taking a big step towards Inter. My goal was to play regularly, win trophies and enjoy the admiration of the Inter fans. Not even when he left via Mancini did I want to leave Inter. But Frank de Boer’s attitude towards me was not pleasant at all. He left me out like I was a player just out of youth. And this was not acceptable. ”

What did Mancini say to her? Was he the first person you spoke to at Inter?

“He wanted me as a left outsider. This is why he gave me the opportunity to play in all the pre-season matches. He had a lot of trust in me, I was very sad when he left. Then in football anything can happen. But the treatment I received from De Boer was totally disrespectful and rude to me. ”

What do you remember of those weeks spent with the players of that Inter?

“I was very proud to be part of that team. We were very popular wherever we went, the training ground was also particularly special. Frankly, I was really happy. ”

Why didn’t De Boer want it? Now that some time has passed, have you had any idea why he behaved this way?

“I never understood why De Boer showed such an attitude towards me. I have never been in his plans since the day he set foot in Italy. He left me out in the last game of the pre-season and, after doing so, also in the exercises of the following tests. I had to train individually, separate from the team, with a personal coach. Basically he was using a manipulation tactic to make me feel whipped. His attitude totally changed my football career. I can’t find explanations about it. ”

Is it true that even within Inter Milan itself, many people thought that because of his attitude, De Boer would stay a few months?

“Obviously, everyone could know what kind of person De Boer was. That’s why I still can’t understand how he managed to get to a club like Inter Milan. In every event anyone could realize that his attitude did not belong to the Nerazzurri. After what he did to me, I couldn’t have a good opinion of him. And of course I will never have it. ”

Jonathan Biabiany said that De Boer is the worst coach in Inter’s history for him. What do you think?

“I totally agree with him, he’s right.”

Don’t you regret not having actually been able to play for Inter?

“What I spent at Inter turned into a bad personal experience. Who knows, I could still play it one day … Too bad because I really had huge dreams and because of a coach who remained only 2 and a half months these were shattered. There is nothing that can be done, it is not the end of the world. I want my career to continue at the highest levels. I send all supporters of Inter love and respect. ”

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