Erdogan reopens Istanbul island – the last hour


(ANSA) – ISTANBUL, MAY 27 – It is celebrated today with a ceremony
the reopening on the 60th anniversary of the first coup in Turkey
Yassiada, one of the Princes’ islands off Istanbul
where the then Prime Minister Adnan was imprisoned and tried
Menderes and two of his ministers, before being executed
in the island of Imrali, always in the Marmara sea. To inaugurate the
reopening of the island, renamed Democracy and the
Freedom, it will be President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has it
wanted as a symbol of the fight against armed interventionism
of the army against civil institutions in Turkey.
The inauguration assumes further importance given the references to
failed putsch attempt of 2016 to overthrow the same
Erdogan. “Yassiada, which hosted one of the darkest periods
of the history of democracy, is reborn “and” tells the new ones
generations the consequences of coups, “he announces in one
spot the communication office of the Ankara Presidency.


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