Epic Games Store: today’s free game revealed in advance?


Like every week, today Epic Games Store will give all users a new game. The previous Thursdays gave us a gift of GTA 5 and, subsequently, of Civilization 6. Two high-level proposals, highly appreciated by players who hope for the arrival of another work of the same caliber. However, recently, a rumor had appeared on the net indicating the free games from the Epic Games Store coming soon.

Well, now we can confirm that at least the first had been “guessed”: the leak is therefore now much more credible. However, the final confirmation will only arrive this afternoon. Reportedly, today (28 May 2020), it will be made available Borderlands The Handsome Collectionor a collection that includes Borderlands 2, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel and all related DLCs, expansions and additions. Mind you, there is no first chapter, which is sold separately in its most recent version, the Game of the Year.

Rumors even go beyond today’s free games and they also indicate next week’s: ARK Survival Evolved. Obviously these are rumors and although they have become more credible it is not said that everything that has been reported is correct. Let’s not forget that Epic Games or the various developers may have changed their plans. To find out, at least, the wait will not be long: this afternoon at 17.00 we will have a definitive answer.

Right now, though, we already know that on June 11 the Epic Games Store will make us a huge gift: in one shot we will have access to 7 free games, available in free format since D1. The announcement came just yesterday: here are all the details.

In the meantime, tell us, would you be happy if it were Bordelands The Handsome Collection? Or after all this time have you already “stripped” the two works of Gearbox?

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