Enzo Bianchi expelled from Bose, the theologian Ruggieri: “Curia wanted to normalize an experience that was not in the ranks”


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In less than 48 hours the founder of Bose, Enzo Bianchi, will have to leave her community. Two other brothers and a sister very close to the former prior should go with him: Lino Breda, Goffredo Boselli and Antonella Casiraghi. In these hours the tension in community it is palpable. The four expelled from the decree of the Holy See they are living these days in Bose. Whites collected in his hermitage answers a few people. He has decided not to release for now interviews. It is time for silence and negotiations. Agreements that are sought with the current prior Luciano Manicardi and with Rome asking for a suspension of the measure. Meanwhile, those who know the Vatican and the community try to explain what is happening.

“There was the naivety of having appealed to Vatican to settle an internal matter. Unfortunately they are the ones who have legitimized an intervention that in itself is illegitimate because the community of Bose is not liable to one apostolic visit. It is a lay community that mainly follows the tradition Orthodox which at most has as reference the Local bishop. The current manager, Manicardi, and also someone else who has authoritativeness they legitimized this intervention. He took advantage of the case curia to normalize an experience that was not part of ranks, difficult to manage from the outside “.

To make this analysis is one of the most important Italian theologians, Giuseppe Ruggieri. His words are clear and clear: “They killed the father through nominees person. I understand the discomfort, I know Father Enzo very well: she is one overflowing personality, is the founder, the father of the community; pretending it was part of an old role not no it’s impossible. Enzo is the founder, that is his creature. It is impossible to think Bose without Bianchi “. Ruggieri as Alberto Melloni did on Republic recalls two other similar cases: that of Dario Viganò and the head of the Vatican gendarmerie Domenico Giani.

“Pope Francis – explains the theologian – succumbed in those situations. Now that this is a similar case, everything makes you think ”. Ruggieri excludes the possibility that Bianchi can create a new one reality: “A protesting community of whom and of what? Another child against the son what did he generate? ” Of a completely different opinion Raniero La Valle, expert journalist of the Vatican Council II: “There is no punitive intention or of repression against Bose. Pope Francis has always appreciated the I walk undertaken by community piedmontese. If one was needed decision like the one that grieved us evidently is not to end or break this charisma but to defend it, preserve it and make it grow“.

The Valley sees no “Vatican feud“Behind this decision taken by Rome:” It is a moment of crisis for the community because everyone has his own personality. It is difficult to put together different experiences and sensitivities. Bose’s experience is not in question. Pope Francis understood the experience of Bose and encouraged her. If you have now made this decision with the cardinal Parolin it is not certain why he was influenced by some fundamentalist current. All the things he does Pope Bergoglio he does them with great discernment and prayer. He didn’t get sidetracked about something like this. ” Finally venture a Advice to the former founder: “If I am monks have vowed to obedience, communion and service it is certain that they must leave. What else do they do: protest? They do one secession? They have to accept this decision taken with great circumspection through an interview that lasted more than a month with all the members of the community. There may also be one later reconciliation but at this moment there is nothing but this road “.

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