Enzo Bianchi dismissed from Bose: Pope Pope’s decision (suffered)


VATICAN CITY – The choice that came after the inspection ordered six months ago, a sensational decision in the history of the Italian Church: the Vatican, with a decree specifically approved by the Pope, disposed of remove Enzo Bianchi from the monastery of Bose, the community that the former prior founded in the province of Biella in the mid-1960s. Brother Enzo Bianchi, 77 years old, one of the most listened to voices of Christian thought and three years ago had left the leadership of the community: in his place, in 2017, he was elected as new prior brother Luciano Manicardi.

Inspectors sent in late 2019

In the meantime, something did not work, between the new and the old hierarchies, because from 6 December 2019 the Vatican had sent an apostolic visit to Bose, that is to say the inspectors, at the time of a passage that cannot fail to be delicate and in some respects problematic as regards the exercise of authority, the management of the government and the fraternal climate. Already the apostolic visit was the sign that the situation had reached the limit of the rupture, too many tensions between the new community government and its founder. It was about allowing the new prior to lead the community without interference.

Via Boselli, Breda and Antonella Casiraghi too

The tensions continue, however. The decree, signed by the Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, bear the date of May 13, the news filtered in the last hours. And last night the community released a press release with names and surnames because the announced refusal of the measures by some recipients led to further confusion and unease. Some would not want to leave, in conclusion. Thus the community specifies that the founder, two confreres and a sister, Enzo Bianchi, Goffredo Boselli, Lino Breda is Antonella Casiraghi they will have to separate from Bose and move to another place, falling from all positions currently held.

Tense and problematic situation

The community speaks of a tense and problematic situation regarding the exercise of the founder’s authority and the fraternal climate. He says it was necessary overcome serious inconvenience and misunderstandings which could weaken or even cancel Bose’s role. In dioceses, when a bishop retires, he steps aside. Except that this is the founder: a difficult and traumatic decision, considering the depth of Enzo Bianchi, of which, however, Pope Francis has always had great esteem. In December, after hearing about the inspection, the community wrote: The brothers and sisters of Bose express sincere gratitude to the Holy Father Francis for this sign of paternal closeness and concern, and joyfully welcome this precious opportunity for listening and dialogue.

Birth after Vatican II

The birth of Bose is traced back to the end of 1965, at the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council, when Enzo Bianchi decided to go to live in that abandoned hamlet of the municipality of Magnano, on the Serra di Ivrea, with the intention of starting a monastic community inspired by the Christians of the early centuries, committed to ecumenical dialogue and open to all confessions and therefore also to women. Today it is made up of about ninety members, including brothers and sisters, of six nationalities, almost all secular.

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