Emilia-Romagna, 53 other infections. “They are mainly asymptomatic, we have to flush out the virus house by house”


BOLOGNA – 53 new cases of coronavirus are added in Emilia-Romagna (the total rises to 27,470), compared to almost 4 thousand swabs carried out in the last hours. It is, for the most part, explains the commissioner Raffaele Donini, of “asymptomatic citizens found after the screening carried out to some health professions, of the Civil Protection, of the police. More and more people that we find positive for the covid are people who they have no symptoms. ” The epidemiological step “remains very low, around 0.2%, with R0 around 0.52 which is very positive. Can we say that we have all the risks behind us? Absolutely not,” Donini points out. “This is a virus that is still very widespread, which is transmitted through asymptomatic people; now that it is a bit in retreat it must be flushed house by house.”

Coronavirus in Emilia-Romagna, the graphs of the situation on 21 May

The positive cases registered now amount to: 4,455 a Piacenza (6 more than yesterday), 3,444 a Parma (9 more), 4.919 a Reggio Emilia (5 more), 3,895 a Modena (11 more), 4,528 a Bologna (9 more); 392 positivity recorded a Imola (data unchanged), 985 a Ferrara (1 more). In Romagna, cases of positivity reached 4,852 (12 more), of which 1,018 a Ravenna (data unchanged), 940 a Forlì (the same as yesterday), 772 a Cesena (3 more), 2,122 a Rimini (9 more).In Emilia-Romagna, healings rise to 18,703, an increase compared to yesterday of 237 people. 68% of those who contracted the virus are now cured: it is the highest percentage in Italy at the moment. A high encouraging figure: there are 4730 active cases, of which 4,089 (86%) are in isolation at home because they do not require hospitalization. Intensive care and covid wards are still falling.


In Emilia-Romagna 9600 called for the test on the spread of coronavirus

However, there are 12 further deaths; the total number of victims of the covid in Emilia-Romagna thus rises to 4037. The new deaths concern 2 residents in the province of Piacenza, 1 in that of Parma, 1 in that of Modena, 4 in that of Bologna (none in the Imola area), 1 in Ravenna, 2 in Forlì-Cesena (1 in Forlivese and 1 in Cesenate) 1 in Rimini. No deaths among residents in the province of Reggio Emilia, Ferrara and from outside the Region.

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