Embraer Pulse Concept, the self-driving flying limousine – VIDEO


The Embraer Pulse Concept could soon become reality: the video of the flying limousine that should be used to perform taxi services in the air.

Embraer Pulse Concept
Embraer Pulse Concept, the self-driving flying limousine – VIDEO (Photo: Youtube)

For now it is only one concept, but soon it could become reality. Embraer Pulse combines the characteristic features of a limousine to those of aplane executive. In addition, it will also have the ability to land and take off vertically in a similar way to a drone. The purpose of this complex project, equipped with propulsion power, will provide a means for passenger movements, similar to a taxi.

Presenting it to the world, he thought about it Embraer, Brazilian Air Force manufacturer of commercial, military, executive and agricultural aircraft. It also supplied aircraft for the Italian fleet. For the filmmakers, this is a solution for the mobility of people in the next fifty years.

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Embraer Pulse Concept, how it works

Embraer Pulse Concept
Embraer Pulse Concept, the self-driving flying limousine – VIDEO (Photo: Youtube)

Users will book the ride through the app and will see one appear at their door limousine power, without driver. Once the passengers have entered, they will be taken to the skyport, where the cabin, called the pod, will detach from the platform of the car to hook onto aeVTOL, ready to take off. The procedure is then repeated in reverse on arrival at the destination.

The manufacturer was inspired by the design Buick Y-Job, the American iconic car designed in the distant 1938. The cabin is entirely made of metal alloy and transparent materials, to allow those inside to admire the panorama from above. In addition, inside there is a retractable display, on which there is an intelligent interface for interacting with the various multimedia systems available.

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