Elon Musk: Space X, the children, Tesla: biography of an early genius


Who, really, Elon Musk, the man who managed – with his Space X – to send America back into orbit, inaugurating a new era of commercial flights in space? Genius, visionary, rebel: here is his life, told through 17 key dates. (Here the portrait of Massimo Gaggi for 7).

June 28, 1971
Elon Reeve Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa. The father, Errol Musk, engineer; his mother, Maye Haldeman, a Canadian model.

At eight, she has already read the whole British encyclopedia and finished all the books in his library. He concludes a 6-month computer course in three days.

At nine years of age, parents divorced: he decides to be with his father. He comes to school bullizzato enough to end up in the hospital.

At 12 he develops Blastar, a video game: it sells the code for 500 dollars. And understand that its mission save humanity.

At 14 he went into an existential crisis, reading the book Galactic guide for hitchhikers, by Douglas Adams. The father forces him to find work.

He graduates in Economics and Physics at the University of Pennsylvania. He then combines two scholarships: video games and capacitors. He briefly attended Stanford University.

Zip 2 – an online city guide company founded with his brother and father – has already raised $ 3 million in funds.

Found X.com, an online bank. And it sells Zip2 for $ 22 million.

The merger between X.com and the competitor Condinity was born PayPal. He marries for the first time with Justine Wilson (the two will divorce in 2008).

Fonda SpaceX, the company with which it aims to build rockets and make space travel accessible to all. He sells PayPal for $ 1.5 billion to eBay (Musk pocketed $ 165 million). And he is passionate about electric cars.

Meet Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard, the founders of Tesla. Bet on their project.

Elon Musk: Space X, the 6 children (and the one who died tragically), the encyclopedia read at 8, life in 19 key dates

Throw his first rocket, which explodes during takeoff.

Tesla Model Design S. Tesla goes public, at $ 17 per share.

The Model S sells for $ 75,000. Create a row of charging stations for electric cars

He has the idea of ​​the battery powerwall. And the Tesla Model X. The first rocket capable of reaching orbit succeeds.

Start producing the Powerwall through the Gigafactory. The Tesla Model 3 is born.

Sells to the Japanese billionaire Yasaku Maezawa the first ticket for an orbital flight around the Moon on the Big Falcon Rocket. The first tunnel su ciu traveling the superfast train opens in Los Angeles Hyperloop (1,220 per hour) created by him in 2013.

There Hyperloop TT in Los Angeles opens a branch in Rome. And on May 30 the Dragon shuttle departs from Cape Canaveral, with two American astronauts on board, to the International Space Station (here the news on the Corriere). The sixth child is born, with the Canadian singer Grimes: X A-Xii. The other children, having had with Justine, are Griffin and Xavier (twins) and Damian, Saxon and Kai (twins). Another baby, Nevada, who died at 10 weeks of life in 2002 from the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, the syndrome of sudden death or cradle death.

The Big Falcon Rocket rocket will reach Mars – according to Musk’s prediction.

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