Elon Musk “collects” the first salary from Tesla: the figure is enormous


Tesla’s number one Elon Musk has granted himself the first installment of his salary from his salary package of 55 billion euros: how much

elon musk salary
Elon Musk, what is the first installment of his Tesla salary (Getty Images)

Elon Musk it is definitely one of the minds more brilliant and revolutionary of the new millennium. Among his many successes, he is recognized by most for having founded Tesla, the number one car manufacturer in Palo Alto in electric traction. Despite being one of the men richest in the world, Musk never sensed one salary from Tesla.

In 2018, the CEO of the car brand decided to set up a sort of compensation package worth € 55 billion, Divided into 12 tranches related to the achievement of certain objectives. After two years, the first two conditions related to the first tranche have been reached and exceeded: Tesla value on the stock exchange exceeding 100 billion and revenues of 20 billion euro.

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Elon Musk, the first Tesla salary: how much

elon musk salary
Tesla has a plan related to achieving certain goals (Getty Images)

Thanks to the achievement of first two goals which constitute the first tranche of the 55 billion euro remuneration package, Elon Musk can exercise the so-called stock options. Put simply, it’s about buying more than 1.6 million Tesla shares at $ 350 each. These, if sold at their present value, would earn profits for the founder of Tesla equal to 770 million euros. A kind of first salary for Musk.

The compensation package is part of a Tesla plan that aims to raise the overall value of the company a $ 650 billion by 2030. A certainly ambitious plan, made up of various stages with pre-agreed objectives. The managing director. Tesla’s, however, doesn’t seem to need one fixed salary from his company. As reported by Bloomberg, in fact, its assets would amount to over $ 40 billion.

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