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Elisa Isoardi was the protagonist yesterday of a surprise invitation from a very famous man. The host’s response leaves everyone speechless: will it be a yes or a no?

Lately, as her admirers know, the host of ‘The Cook’s Test’ has been busy. After the suspension of the cooking show due to the pandemic, Elisa has made efforts to continue to maintain the relationship with her audience while waiting to return. There was no lack of controversy for its part, due to the delay by the RAI top management regarding the decision on resuming the broadcast. It has actually come significantly behind other programs of the same caliber.

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The new ‘Test of the Cook’ is approaching: all the changes

The motivation is probably quite simple. In a reality whose rhythm is managed by the presence of the public in the studio and by the succession of guests who work closely together, the application of the restrictive measures had to be better studied. Obviously without distorting too much what is the imprint of the transmission, which will obviously resume with the necessary adjustments, including thematic.

It was Elisa herself who told it in a recent interview: “We will try to help those most in difficulty, telling the stories of farmers, breeders, of all those who work with food. Stories of so much effort in this period. We will try to be real public service in a really difficult phase “. The return date is near: Monday 25 May at the usual time, we will see the beautiful ex Miss once again juggling chefs and experts. Waiting to find out what the future of the broadcast will be like that rumors would like straight after twenty years of honored career.

One of the many commitments that Elisa made during the quarantine was the daily appointment with the virtual aperitif on Instagram. A series of live broadcasts during which, in a discursive way, he makes arguments between the serious and the facetious with friends and characters from the world of entertainment. From Massimiliano Rosolino to Albano, many participated, enjoying a moderate success among the people of the web.

Elisa Isoardi | Surprise invitation | Leave everyone speechless PHOTOS

The last participation in chronological order was that of Vittorio Sgarbi, the art critic and commentator who lent himself to Elisa’s questions with great enthusiasm. The host tried several times to bring out even more intimate subjects, but the clever host has been able to wriggle excellently.

elisa isoardi surprise invitation photo - ricettasprint

Revealing that his nights pass between the study and the deepening of works and the reading of books, to go to sleep at seven in the morning and resume his day at noon. As is well known, however, Sgarbi it is not insensitive at all to feminine charm and Elisa is certainly an excellent example of beauty. So, anticipating his upcoming commitments, he let himself go to a surprise invitation that left everyone speechless.

Telling that he will soon have a private flight with which he will reach the Albanian premier, the critic is unbalanced: “Elisa, will you come with me?”. The presenter did not have it repeated twice and replied: “I see if I’m free. If I don’t have ‘The Cook Test’, I will gladly accompany you “. But casting a small shadow on the immediate future of the cooking show. Vittorio’s commitment is in fact from June 3-6: this suggests that Isoardi may have already finished running the program.

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