Elementary schools, farewell to the vote: the judgment will return from next year


There will be no more grades in elementary school but the judgment will return for the final evaluation, in fifth class. as envisaged by the first-signed amendment Francesco Verducci (Pd) approved a little while ago in the Education Committee in the Senate as part of the examination of the School Decree. The amendment provides that children cannot be considered numbers in primary school. Giving a 4 can be a heavy boulder to understand while a more comprehensive assessment takes into account the characteristics of the child. Obviously the appropriate words must be found and the evaluation must be made in terms of synthetic judgment, explains Senator Vanna Iori. The judgment takes into account the specificity and individuality of each individual child – he adds – while the numerical vote levels and makes everyone equal, even if there are different reasons behind that vote.

The text

The amendment of the Democratic Party – first signatory Verducci with Iori and Rampi – provides that from the 2020/2021 school year, the final assessment of the learning of pupils of primary school classes, for each of the study disciplines provided for by the National Indications for the curriculum expressed through a descriptive judgment reported in the evaluation document and referred to different levels of learning, according to terms and methods defined by order of the Minister of Education. In reality, many schools already reported an evaluation form in the Plan of the educational offer that gave precise meaning to the numbers. Here is an example.

Elementary schools, farewell to the vote: the judgment will return from next year

The number will disappear from next year and only a judgment, probably more complex, will remain to indicate the degree of achievement of the objectives and any gaps in the student. Maddalena Gissi, CISL secretary, considers it positive, adding: It could have been fully applied starting from this year if politics had not wasted time in clashes and meetings mostly of internal debate and not for school. It is not yet clear whether the vote will also be replaced by a synthetic judgment, that is, if 10 will correspond to an excellent one, nine to a distinguished one, 8 a good one, seven to a good one, six a sufficient one, 5 an insufficient one, to 4 a poor one. But this aspect will be clarified by the ad hoc ordinance.

May 27, 2020 (change May 27, 2020 | 1:09 pm)


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