Electricity and gas bills, excellent news for users: costs drop in May


The economic crisis generated by Covid-19 has led to a sharp reduction in raw materials. The costs of which have obviously decreased. The end result for Italian families? A clear reduction in domestic users which are significantly lighter. Let’s try to understand more then on electricity and gas bills, excellent news for users: costs drop in May.

An analysis among the numbers of the survey

Adnkronos news agency learns of the market survey conducted by Facile.it regarding the costs of domestic users for the month of May. However, the sample of the 5 companies analyzed shows a reduction in costs (to end users) for both electricity and gas. Equal, respectively, to -7.2% and -10%. This was despite the fact that consumption for the period remained unchanged or even slightly increased.

Electricity and gas bills, excellent news for users: costs drop in May

The –7.2% reduction in costs for the electricity bill is the result of the average of the tariffs applied by the 5 units observed. These companies, in fact, have made variations ranging from -14% to + 6%, from which the average of -7.2% derives. On the other hand, the range of variations noted for the price of the raw material gas is less wide. The variations of which went from –18% to –1%, for an average drop, in fact, of –10%, decidedly more marked than that of light.

Easy.it’s suggestions

The well-known site for comparisons between the best offers on the market (users, Rca, mortgages, etc.) does not fail to highlight the disparity present on the market. That is to say, the presence of strong asymmetries between the reductions applied and therefore considers the current as a good time to look around. And maybe try to tick off some good contractual conditions. Also because the greater stay at home of people will inevitably lead to an increase in household consumption. Between the free market and the protected market, it is the first one, the experts of Facile.it continue to offer the best rate deals. On the free market, it appears that the most convenient tariff for energy is 7.8% lower than the protected one. On the other hand, the difference for gas is less marked, equal to only 2%.

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