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There has been much debate about whether or not to use electric scooters by road and on cycle paths. In mid-2019 an experiment started in some cities to understand how to use the electric scooter in cities clogged with traffic. Experimentation that caused some problems due to the different approach of individual cities. To bring order it was necessary to make a amendment to the Highway Code approved with the Finance Act 2020 and in officially effective January 1, 2020. What does it establish? That scooters can be used within cities, subject to a resolution by the same municipality.

What does it mean? That electric scooters are equated to velocipedes (bicycles for instance) and that they can be used on the road, respecting all the relevant standards. So in summary, who has a electric scooter you can use it in your city without any fear of being fined, as long as the Municipality issued an ad hoc resolution and that all appropriate speed limits are respected. Here is everything you need to know

Is the electric scooter legal?

The answer to this question is very simple: Yup. As required by law 160 of 27 December 2019, from January 1, 2020 electric scooters are equated to velocipedes, i.e. bicycles. The text reads: “The scooters that fall within the limits of power and speed defined by the decree of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport 4 June 2019, published in the Official Journal n. 162 of 12 July 2019, are equivalent to the velocipedes referred to in the highway code, pursuant to legislative decree 30 April 1992, n. 285. “

In order to use an electric scooter, however, you must respect stringent regulations:

  • the nominal power of the vehicle cannot exceed 500 watts.
  • speed limiter that cannot exceed 20 km / h on the road.
  • speed limiter that cannot exceed 6 km / h in pedestrian areas.

Where can you go with an electric scooter? It depends on what the resolution passed by the Municipality provides. The law states that the electric scooter can circulate on urban roads, on suburban roads and on cycle paths. For pedestrian areas the limit of speed is 6 kilometers per hour.

Do I need a license to drive the electric scooter?

The use of the scooter is allowed to all people who are at least fourteen years old without the need to have a license. Only for i minors are required to use a protective helmet (we recommend the use to everyone, even to adults to avoid any dangerous accident). From half an hour after sunset and in case of bad weather conditions, ‘you must wear a reflective vest or braces. In addition, the scooter must be equipped with front and rear lights.

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