Elections, vote on the decree postponed to 8 June. Toti: “At the polls in July or September 6.” Referendum, no of the committee on the election day


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The decree postponing the vote for the Regional, the municipal and the referendum for the cut of parliamentarians will not be approved today. The conference of group leaders of Montecitorio has in fact decided that the start of voting, in the Chamber in the Chamber, on elections is referred back to Monday 8 June. Today only the discussion general on the measure. Wednesday the text had received the go-ahead from the Constitutional Affairs Committee, but in the meantime the governors of the 5 Regions involved even wrote to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, asking that we go to the polls already in July. The other issue concerns the incorporation of the referendum in the local elections: this morning there was an interview at Palazzo Chigi between the representatives of the promoting committee and the premier Giuseppe Conte.

The committee asks to review the hypothesis of super election day, foreseen by the decree in autumn, in which the regional, municipal elections and the referendum would be merged. The date does not mention the provision, only the extension in the autumn: the government reasons on the hypothesis of September 20, to which the governors of Campania, Puglia, Marche, Liguria and Veneto oppose drastically, so much so as to blow up the table with the interior minister yesterday evening Luciana Lamorgese. The position of the regions involved is confirmed by the Ligurian governor Giovanni Toti: “We asked several times, since from 4 and then from 15 June the country will be open again and we do not consider the elections anything more dangerous than going to work or on vacation, to vote in the first useful window which is end of July“. “Where the government and parliament decide something different, the regions will choose to vote in the first date of September 6th“, Toti added on the sidelines of a meeting in Genoa.

“No President of the Region will take responsibility for doing reopen schools after seven months of closing, to get the kids to go to school, then to close them, to make millions of people go to vote, to have to sanitize and to send the kids back to school, ”says Toti, motivating the vote for the election no later than September 6th. The reaction of the governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia, also lasts: “We think that the Constitution. The Constitution plans to suspend the elections in case of war, we inaugurated this article with Coronavirus “. “At the meeting last night – adds Zaia – there was tension because the loyal cooperation between institutions. It is serious to translate an institutional relationship between us and the Government into a political debate, which is a fact of Constitution, “concludes the League.

Prime Minister Conte “said he will take a surplus reflection with the majority parties, “he explains Andrea Cangini, representative of the committee promoting the referendum on the cutting of parliamentarians. “We have also illustrated the opinions of many constitutionalists according to which they cannot be combined two different votes. The election day law, in fact, provides for all possible mergers but not the one with a vote on the Constitution which has a different rank and logic “. A possible option to arrive at a summary would be to incorporate the referendum to the ballots: “It would be the lesser evil”, underlines Cangini. Otherwise with the super election day “not only would you have alteration of the result of the referendum but also of the participation. And we know, because we know the system, that we would talk only regional ones and not at all in the referendum. While we wish we could at least inform the country on cutting the number of parliamentarians and the role of Parliament. A common sense action in towards the community“.

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