Elections, the decree in the Chamber: super election day in the fall. The governors oppose and write to Mattarella: “Vote in July”


Will arrive in the Chamber tomorrow on election law decree. The dl that refers toAutumn the vote for the Regional, the municipalities and the referendum for the cut of parliamentarians was approved today by the commission Constitutional Affairs of Montecitorio. Although the controversy, both on the date and on the super election day, do not go out. The date was not the subject of the vote in committee but also today the government with the undersecretary Achille Variati reiterated that that of September 20-21 would be the option best. THE Governors of the five regions close to the elections, De Luca, Emiliano, Ceriscioli, Toti and Zaia, respectively presidents of Campania, Puglia, Marche, Liguria and Veneto, have written a letter to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, asking for an intervention to avert the extension the date of the regional elections beyond the month of July. An extension, reads the letter, “can only be justified by health reasons and emergency, is taking on the contours of a political decision and, be granted, based on the convenience biased, which in our opinion cannot justify the compression of regional legislative autonomy and voters’ right to vote. ”

Governors ask the Head of State for action to prevent elections from taking place from September 20 onwards. The date was the subject of a meeting between the 5 regional presidents and the interior minister Luciana Lamorgese, which however ended with nothing done. The governors reiterate the maximum opposition on the date of September 20, asking to anticipate it and to open a range as possible for the elections from 27 July. “Voting is a democratic principle, if it goes on like this we are forced to break with the government“Said the five governors. Lamorgese recalled that no decision-making rights are infringed and that the presidents of the Regions could call elections already for September 6: according to the rules, by July 18th it is possible to present the measure and the candidates by August 7-8, starting the election campaign from August 7. At the end of the meeting, the owner of the Interior Ministry took note of the positions of the governors and will report them to the Prime Minister and then convene a new meeting.

Then there is the opposition front. “Conte had assured: no rudeness to political forces, that on election day will be a shared choice. Once again, however, the government is proceeding like an elephant in the glassware ignoring the findings of the opposition and the governors themselves, “says the group leader of Come on Italy in the Senate, Anna Maria Bernini.

And then there is the regional and administrative merger node with the referendum for cutting the number of MPs. After days of protests, since Promoting committee they let Prime Minister Conte say yes to the request for a meeting on Thursday at 12:30 in Palazzo Chigi. Among the amendments approved in committee there is also that of the rapporteur Anna Bilotti of the 5 Stars right on the two-day super election day (Sunday and Monday) with the merger of regional, administrative and referendum.

A novelty concerns the petition to stand for election. The amendment to. Has been approved Italia Viva (and reformulated by the rapporteur) which reduces precisely to one third the necessary signatures, “In consideration of the epidemiological situation deriving from the diffusion of the COVID-19 and taking into account the need to ensure the necessary social distancing during the electoral process, as well as to guarantee the full exercise of civil rights in the conduct of the elections “, reads the text.

Governors’ letter to Mattarella: “Vote in July”
“The difficult situation, unprecedented in Republican history, caused by the spread of the Covid-19 virus has certainly required, and still requires – write the five regional presidents to the head of state – measures to emergency nature, with the need for a continuous adaptation of the relations between State and Regions, in which we are engaged in first person in continuous meetings and contacts with the Government. In this context, we believe that, despite the difficult moments we have had to face, the principle of loyal cooperation until we had to face the issue of renewal of the legislatures regional expiring on May 30 next. This is a very delicate topic because it involves the duration of organs endowed with legislative power elected by universal and direct suffrage, endowed, among other things, pursuant to article 122 of the Constitution, of legislative power proper in relation to electoral legislation “.

“The certain duration of the legislative bodies – continues the letter – is a fundamental principle of the democratic state, so much so that the Constitution itself provides certain times for the reconstitution of the Chambers (art. 61) and the prohibition of their extension except in the event of war (art. 60). In consideration of the peculiar health situation in progress, the Government, with Legislative Decree 26/2020, decided to order the extension of the regional legislatures, for a period of three months, that is until 30 August 2020, however, providing that, unlike what normally happens, the date of the elections can be fixed only in the following 60 days, i.e. in the months of September is October“.

“Of this decision, taken in dissimilarity the opinion made by the Regions – say the five governors – has never been made public health motivation, which justified how there are from the point of view of the Covid-19 epidemic greater risks in July rather than in the autumn months, when all economic, cultural and social activities are allowed since early June and even movements between regions. On the contrary, as also can be seen from the opinion rendered in recent days by Scientific Technical CommitteeHealth needs strongly advise against delaying the elections towards the autumn months, as there may be one resurgence of the virus which would lead to having to postpone the electoral deadline for further, too many, months “.

“We also believe – the governors continue – absolutely inopportune setting a date that affects the reopening of schools, putting children at risk in returning to buildings frequented by millions of voters. Finally, we find that a decision that can only be justified for health and emergency reasons is taking on the contours of a political decision and, we are granted, based on the convenience of the party, which, in our opinion, cannot justify the compression of legislative autonomy regional and voters’ voting rights “.

“We therefore turn to you, as Head of State and Guarantor of the Constitution – concludes the letter signed by Giovanni Toti, Michele Emiliano, Luca Zaia, Vincenzo De Luca and Luca Ceriscioli – to ask you his authoritative intervention to protect the principle of loyal collaboration between the organs of the Republic on which our Constitution is founded, which places itself at the center the public interest the protection of health and the democratic principle on which the Republic is based “.

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