Elections, all against all: the government thinks about mid-September. The CTS: “Not beyond”. Emiliano: “Vote in July or speak Mattarella”


The government reasons on mid-September, with the ballots the first Sunday in October. Renzians and opposition parties would like to vote in late autumn and would prefer to avoid the election daty. While the technical-scientific committee advises against arriving in October, because there is a risk that a new wave of contagions will cause the elections to slip again, perhaps by a year. But the expiring governors are not there. IS Michele Emiliano even invokes the intervention of Sergio Mattarella. “I think it’s appropriate a speech by the President of the Republic, custodian of the Constitution, “said the governor of Puglia to the Republic. In short: the date of the vote for the elections regional, municipal and for the referendum on the cut of parliamentarians it has unleashed an all against all.

Yesterday the government hypothesized an election day for September 13th. Today in Constitutional Affairs Committee of the Chamber, engaged in examining the decree that postpones elections in the fall, Undersecretary for the Interior intervened Achille Variati and the idea of ​​mediation has sprung up: on September 20 with the second round of the municipalities to be held on October 4, that is to say only a few days beyond the end of September desired by the government. Next Tuesday the committee will vote on the amendments, some of which concern this aspect.

Alongside the clear opposition on the date of 13 September by Come on Italy, with Francesco Paolo Sisto, some perplexities also emerged from other parties over the fact that this date would make it difficult to collect signatures for the presentation of the lists and the election campaign itself, which would involve a part of the August. Among other things, the Renziano Marco Di Maio argued that this scenario would not help tourism, already prostrated by the crisis caused by coronavirus.

Variati explained that the idea of ​​holding the first and second rounds in September, then the 13th and 27th, stems from the indication of the Technical scientific committee that the virus with warmer temperatures is less aggressive. Here Federico Fornaro Leu’s group leader has advanced the mediation hypothesis, with the first round on 20 September and the second on 4 October, a proposal married by Sisto. In this way, one would still fall into a season with mild temperatures, and there would be a way to carry out an election campaign in a more usual period. The other forces reserved the right to pronounce. During the Tuesday session, the amendments to the decree postponing the elections will be voted on and, at the request of the League and FDI, Variati has undertaken to present a documentation of the Technical Scientific Committee.

In short, on the date of the vote, finding an agreement truly shared by all is difficult. Even in the ranks of the Northern League there are different positions: Luca Zaia, the governor of Veneto expiring, asks to vote as soon as possible. And some Northern League – led by the Paduan deputy Alberto Stefani – tabled an amendment in committee to vote in June or July. Emiliano thinks the same way, who invokes the Quirinale: “The only thing they are not reactivating is democracy and I do not understand the reason since the Constitution does not provide for the suspension of elections,” says the president of Puglia. For Emiliano, “we should vote in July and not move the date in the fall, running the risk of having worse epidemiological data”.

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