Election day, the Regions attack the government and turn to Mattarella. Sparks De Luca-Lamorgese


ROME – The table jumps when the Campania governor Vincenzo De Luca raise your voice on behalf of your colleagues and press the minister of the interior Luciana Lamorgese. “If the government insists on the regional vote on September 20, we governors withdraw from all the open tables, including the one on reopening.” By his side – by teleconference – the Venetian Zaia and Ligurian Toti and everyone else involved in the renewal.



The ballet on the election day and the election campaign of August

At stake is the election day, with administrative, supplementary and referendums on the cutting of parliamentarians. It is once again up to the head of the Interior Ministry, commissioned by Palazzo Chigi (also for competence) to deal with the delicate electoral match, to collect and put together the pieces.

The minister promises to confront the Prime Minister in these hours With you and to let governors know. In short, a channel of dialogue and a negotiation opens (in September). In the meantime, however, he does not give up a millimeter: he reminds the governor of Campania that the decree which extended their mandates and regional legislations by three months was on April 20, that 450 people died in Italy that day, which De Luca himself on Monday he urged the government to send 300 soldiers to enforce the lockdown in his region. In short, nobody then raised his finger to object to the postponement of the election day in September.



Regionals in Puglia, the Altieri League: “I challenge Emiliano, the center-right coalition will decide on Fitto”

Now it’s a whole other story. The presidents want, whatever the cost, that Palazzo Chigi will “remain” that decree, canceling the date of 20 September which the executive has already carried out yesterday also in the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the Chamber: the decree will arrive today in the courtroom.Their date, circled in red, is Sunday 26 July. Zaia and De Luca the most intransigent on the early vote which, however, decree in hand, is now impossible to grant due to the extension of the three-month mandates. The only possible negotiation date by the government becomes September 20-21, with a runoff on October 4-5. Here the break.



The shadow of Papeete on the summer election day

Unacceptable for the Regions, which appealed to the Quirinale last night. “We consider it inappropriate to set a date that would prejudice the reopening of schools”, the presidents of Veneto, Liguria, Marche, Campania and Puglia wrote in a letter expressing their opposition to the hypothesis of September 20.

For the 5 presidents of the regions that will vote (there is no signature of Tuscany alone) “the certain duration of the legislative bodies is a fundamental principle of the democratic state so much so that the Constitution itself provides certain times for the reconstitution of the Chambers and prohibition to extend them except in the event of a war “.

This “ballet on the date is obscene”, protested in the evening Giovanni Toti from Liguria: “How can they not understand that going to the vote on September 20 would mean closing the schools that have just reopened for two weeks and reopening them in October, with the necessary sanitisations between one shift and the other and after the ballot box closes? ” In the end Toti himself is less barricadero than his colleagues and would also consider acceptable on 6 or 13 of September.



Election day on 20-21 September, center-right and Regions in revolt

Dal Viminale was told that the election day is only suggested in the end but not imposed. Each region could set the date to their liking. For example, on September 6 precisely (with an autonomous provision to be adopted by July 18 and applications to be filed by August 7-8). Certainly, however, not before then and no vote in July. Also because, underline by the government, the Technical Scientific Committee has already excluded for health reasons the opening of seats in early summer and until August. “It is not clear where the risks are – Toti insists – given that after July 15th everything reopens, including cinemas and theaters”.

It is a very complicated arm wrestling, as is evident. That does not only involve the government and regional presidents, but also the parties. The center-right, Salvini in the lead, is for the end of September. Forza Italia also excludes the advance at the beginning of summer but even “September 20 is a wrong date”, protests the group leader Annamaria Bernini.

The Pd with Enrico Borghi asks Viminale and Regions to find an understanding of common sense that contemplates the various needs. The last word, almost certainly, will have to be pronounced by Prime Minister Conte.

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