Elden Ring is complete and will be launched in 2020 also for PS5 and Xbox Series X, according to an indiscretion – Multiplayer.it


Elden Ring would be complete and playable, with the release date set for 2020, at least according to the Arctos insider of the NeoGaf gaming forum. Arctos actually also provided a time window in which the game will be available: between 1 October and 31 December 2020, that is Q3 2020. But there is more, because it should also be launched on next-gen consoles, i.e. PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Again according to the insider, Elden Ring is currently in the bug fixing phase optimization. The next-gen versions they will be similar to those of the current generation, only more fluid and with a higher resolution. By “playable” is meant that it is completable. In case he is right, let’s expect a presentation of the game in one of the upcoming Sony and Microsoft events.

As always in these cases, we invite you to take the information given with due caution, because we are talking about indiscretions. So there is nothing official. To find out more about Elden Ring let’s wait until it is finally presented in playable form, hopefully as soon as possible. For many months now, official information has not been released.

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