Ecobonus and sismabonus: with the recovery fund extended the duration


The recovery fund could also serve to extend the duration and scope of the super ecobonus and sismabonus. This was stated by the Undersecretary to the Prime Minister Riccardo Fraccaro during a meeting promoted by Ance (the National Association of Construction Companies) dedicated precisely to the new concessions provided for in the relaunch decree. Fraccaro indicated, without words, that coverage problems are responsible for some limits presented by the decree. First of all, the duration limited to 18 months of the facility: too few if one considers the length of the decision process and the complexity of the planned interventions; in addition to this there are the failure to extend the super eco bonus to second homes and corporate buildings and legal entities (types of property and taxpayers who instead give the right to the bonus earthquake in a larger version).

The bonus portal

It is now up to Parliament to find the coverages needed to broaden the scope of the standard. A crucial aspect is the adequacy of the costs of the works and therefore to avoid the risk of upward agreements between the client and the work supplier, which certainly cannot be excluded a priori given that the bonus of 110% of the expenditure incurred by the taxpayer. Fraccaro stressed that those who will have to certify the adherence of the costs incurred with the current prices of the works will have the obligation to take out an insurance policy that covers the risk of dispute during the control phase. It also announced the creation of an ad hoc portal where not only will it be possible to have all the information on the bonuses but also to send the necessary documentation at the end of the works. The policy of crucial importance for the assignment of the credit to work in the form introduced by the relaunch decree: in fact, it is clear that whoever takes over the credit must have the certainty of not being involved in any disputes over the adequacy of the figures.

The knot of credit transfer

There is a great deal of attention on the transfer of credit, as was noted in the meeting by both the banking and insurance world, for the first time involved in this business, also because the mechanism will not apply only to the super eco-bonus and the bonus earthquake, but to all tax-facilitated building operations, with repayment schedules by the Treasury equal to those provided by the facilities to which the credit refers: therefore five years for the super eco bonus or the seism bonus, ten years for the bonus facades or the building renovation bonus. To kick off the transfers, it is necessary for the operational indications from the MEF to arrive

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