Ecobonus 110%, the certificate scam: how to avoid bad surprises


Ecobonus 110%, watch out for scams: the super deduction hasn’t even started, and it’s already raining false certificates. But, remember, the sanctions for those who produce false documents they are salty. How to avoid bad surprises?

Taxpayers must pay attention to those who rely on obtaining the necessary certificates, choosing qualified professionals and technicians registered in the relevant registers.

The new ecobonus of the DL Relaunch requires specific documents attesting the improvement of the energy class before and after the work: here’s what to watch out for.

Ecobonus 110%, the certificate scam: how to avoid bad surprises

L’ecobonus at 110% of the relaunch DL will start for the works from 1 July 2020 until the end of 2021. Therefore, it is still not possible to request it from the Revenue Agency, and if on the one hand the race for the necessary documents has started, on the other scams.

The complaint comes from Federcontribuenti, which warns consumers.

On the web, in fact, there are many companies that offer thestart of files to get the eco-bonus at a cost of 5,000 euros: this is a real scam.

What should you watch out for? To avoid nasty surprises, we remind you that the 110% eco-bonus can be requested if, through the works, there is a improvement of two energy classes or the achievement of highest energy class possible.

This energy “leap” goes certificate before and after the works, he is alone qualified professionals registered in the register (in the case of interventions to reduce seismic risk).

Without theEnergy Performance Certificate (Ape) and the compliance visa issued by CAF or by a qualified professional, in short, the deduction mechanism is not activated and credit assignment, or what makes the 110% eco-bonus so unmissable.

Ecobonus 110, the certificate fraud: high penalties for those who issue false documents

If false certificates were to be produced, there would be serious consequences: not only would the benefit be forfeited, but there are foreseen sanctions salted.

The Ministry of Economic Development will oversee the regularity of the certificates. An administrative penalty will be applied to subjects who issue unfaithful attestations and assertions from 2,000 up to 15,000 euros, for each false document returned.

Federcontribuenti reports that many companies are promising the release of the APE in 48 hours and online, at the price of around 50 euros.

This too is clearly a scam, as established by the Court of Cassation: the EPA is a document required in notarial deeds of sale and lease contracts. Whoever produces a fake one commits one civil and criminal offense, going towards the termination of the contract, the return of the money paid and the compensation for damage.

Then the Certificate must be drawn up by a qualified technician and registered in the register, and only after a inspection at the property to be certified.

In addition, in the event of non-integration, even partial, of the requirements that entitle the 110% eco-bonus, the Revenue Agency will recovery of sums corresponding to the deduction not due, plus penalties and interest.

Finally Federcontribuenti warns consumers also on photovoltaic systems sold door to door: the super eco-bonus is activated for highly efficient systems and installed by qualified technicians. Otherwise the risk is of having to pay is theplant both the legal fees out of your own pocket.

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