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nell ‘ecobonus 110 percent also include fixtures and i window frames and their replacement? Many taxpayers are asking this. Let’s see the norm and the latest news of deduction or bonus 110% on the topic fixtures.

Is there a 110% window bonus?

The 110 eco-bonus also applies to the fixtures, that is, there is a fixtures bonus 110 percent? The answer is not unique.

The possibility of taking advantage of the 110 deduction for the replacement of the fixtures exists when the replacement of the fixtures, the windows, and the relative windows and doors is associated with one of the “major” works defined by the relaunch decree. The works that give access to the 110% eco-bonus are those relating to the thermal coat of buildings, the replacement of winter air conditioning systems with systems for heating, cooling or the supply of heat pump domestic hot water.

Always and when the replacement of fixtures and windows is combined with one of these interventions, there is the possibility of using a 110% deduction also for the fixtures, or in this case there is a 110% bonus for fixtures.

Credit transfer and invoice discount also for windows

The norm of the revival decree relating to the eco-bonus, however, offers the possibility of usufurire of the assignment of credit and the discount on the invoice also for the fixtures. This means that you can take advantage of the ordinary deduction of 50% (65% for condominiums) to replace the fixtures and then decide to:

  • pay the expense for the replacement of windows, fixtures and windows and transfer the deduction to another person, be it the bank or other financial intermediary
  • ask for a discount equal to the deduction from the company which in turn can ask the bank for a discount.

Ecobonus 110, the latest news

In waiting for the implementing decrees that will give the green light to the eco-bonus for works carried out starting froml 1 July and until 31 December 2020, the latest news speak of an amendment presented to the relaunch decree on the issue of fixtures.

17 associations (including FLA-EdilegnoArredo, Finco, Acmi) have submitted an amendment to the revival decree during its conversion into law. In particular the proposals provide

  • Increase to 70% of the deduction rate scheduled for individual replacement of fixtures or solar screens instead of the current 50% from 1 July to 31 December 2020.
  • Lower credit recovery to five years for individual interventions instead of the 10 currently planned, even in the case of credit transfer or invoice discount.

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