Ecobonus 110%, attention to the 5 thousand euro scam and false APE practices


As we know, the eco-bonus introduced in the relaunch decree by the Conte government to help families and businesses in this phase of crisis is one of the most awaited measures of the maneuver for the Covid emergency.

How the eco-bonus works

The allowance is particularly interesting because it entitles you to a 110% deduction for those who will carry out energy efficiency works or earthquake prevention. Therefore, we are not only talking about ecobonus, but also about sismabonus.

The incentive (here is a summary of how it works), to be spread over 5 years, relates to the expenses incurred from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2021. The deductible redevelopment works must concern the condominiums or the individual real estate units used as dwellings the main or even the autonomous public housing institutes (IACP).

The 5 thousand euro scam

Being a very coveted bonus, it has already triggered several attempts scam on the whole national territory. In particular, there are several reports received regarding alleged consultants who offer customers thestart of the ecobonus practice at a cost of 5 thousand euros.

Federcontribuenti has reported the scam and warns all consumers. “Anyone who proposes this or similar practices is carrying out a full-blown scam.”

The dates to know

Be careful, however, because in order to obtain the assignment of credit or to benefit from the deductions, building interventions must certify the improvement of at least two energy classes of the building and there is a risk of a double scam.

It is good to know first of all that in case of false attestations or false declarations, those who have requested the eco-bonus will not have the right to face penalties from a minimum of 2 thousand euro to a maximum of 15 thousand euro for each falsehood issued.

In addition, both the eco-bonus and the sismabonus will be operational from the start from 1 July 2020 until 31 December 2021 and the 110% measure will be recognized only to those taxpayers who will demonstrate, upon presentation of the energy class certificate, of have improved their property by at least 2 energy classes.

The fake energy certificates scam

The scams also concern false energy class certificates, for which there is a risk of being charged with a scam. On the web we find many companies that promise the release of the APE in 48 hours and online at a cost of around 50 euros, in full violation of the current law.

L’APE is a document required in notarial deeds of sale and in lease agreements and the Court of Cassation has recognized the details of the crime of fraud for non-certified attestation. The EPA must be drawn up in accordance with current legislation and requires an inspection on the property to be certified: it must be a qualified professional and registered in the appropriate register.

The photovoltaic scam

As reported in the Criminal Code, “when a taxpayer benefits from a false certificate attaching it to the deed of sale or lease, he commits a civil and criminal offense for breach of contract, which entails the termination of the contract, the return of the money paid and compensation for damage and a criminal offense, which configures the crime of fraud ”(here all the penalties that are likely in case of violations).

Federcontribuenti also warns consumers against systems sold door to door, because only highly efficient photovoltaic systems installed by qualified technicians will be able to benefit from the incentives. The risk is to incur a crime and have to pay both the plant and the legal costs out of your own pocket.

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