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Rome, 30 May 2020 – Lockdown inflation. The Coronavirus he spent a lot of time at home, between reading, computers and cooking tests. L’National Consumer Union worked i Istat data on inflation: a ranking of the products and services that led to the i higher price increases during the Covid emergency, that is from February to May, discovering “real price speculation “.

The primacy goes to e-book, with the cost of the download increasing in just 3 months of 30.4%. In second place is the fresh fruit, which marks a + 12.8%. On the lowest step of the podium of the price increases, the devices for the treatment of information rise: laptops and stationary computers, PDAs, tablets, notebook with an increase of 12%. In fourth place in this ranking, there are monitors and printers, up 11.3%, followed by landline telephones, + 7.7%. Closes the top ten the flour (+ 3.8%), driven by the desire for pizza and homemade desserts.

“In practice, – explains the association – he took advantage of smart working and the obligation of students to follow distance lessons, to make increases to the detriment of workers and families “.

Inflation, -0.1% in May

Negative inflation in May 2020, for the first time in four years: the price index to consumption – according to data released by Istat based on preliminary estimates – is decreased by 0.1% both compared to April and compared to May 2019, mainly due to the collapse of energy goods. On the other hand, the shopping cart, or that which includes food and those for the care of the home and of the person who recorded a + 2.6%, an accelerating trend compared to 2.5% in April. This figure is mainly linked to the food sector, the only sector that remained completely open during the lockdown. There household expenditure, according to Istat, it is decreased in cyclical terms of 7.5%. The most marked drop in prices was that of energy goods (-2.8% on April, -12.7% on May 2019) driven by that of unregulated energy goods (-4.2% on April, -12, 2% on May 2019). A significant decrease was also recorded by transport prices (-1.6% on the month, -4.1% on May 2019) and by the housing sector, water electricity (-0.4% on April, -4.4% on May 2019). I’m instead, food prices rose (+ 0.7% on April and + 2.7% on May 2019) mainly thanks to the growth of the unprocessed ones, which grew by 1.2% on April and 3.7% on May 2019. The figure is linked also to the epidemiological emergency that forced families home and pushed the consumption of unprocessed food. According to a study by Nomisma in the lockdown period one in three Italians ate more fruits and vegetables with a jump in sales value of 15.8% on the shelves of large retailers, compared to the same period of the previous year.

Codacons: barred on the shopping cart

THE consumers of the Codacons instead they speak of “speculation” on the shopping cart which would have suffered “unjustified increases during the lockdown”. The only products that can be purchased in the period of closure of the commercial establishments have undergone a strong increase – explains the President Carlo Rienzi – not by chance the shopping cart has risen by + 2.6%, with foodstuffs registering a growth in prices in May by + 2.7%. This means that a family spends an average of 206 euros more on an annual basis just to eat. The consumer union also speaks of “stinging” for the shopping cart, according to which these increases translate into an annual growth of 220 euros for a couple with 2 children.

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