EasyJet gradually reopens flights in Italy: all the details


The EasyJet airline gradually reopens flights to Italy. Initially 8 national and one international airports will be involved. The details.

Easyjet restarts from 15 June with Italian flights (photo Pixabay)

Starting from the next June 15, as reported by Il Fatto Quotidiano, the low cost airline EasyJet flights in Italy gradually reopen. According to what has been learned, the national airports involved in the first reopening will be eight. As we read from the source, in fact, it will start again with the connections between Milan Malpensa, Catania, Palermo, Bari, Naples, Lamezia Terme, Cagliari and Olbia.

The Swiss company then announced that, in the first gradual reopening, an international flight, the one connecting Brindisi and Geneva, will also be involved. EasyJet he therefore decided to leave on June 15 to connect Italian airports again.

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EasyJet starts again: health protection rules

EasyJet (photo Pixabay)

As Il Fatto Quotidiano reports, the airline has made it known that all the aircraft will be subjected to thorough cleaning and sanitization. In addition to the sanitation normally provided for aircraft, there will also be a new one cabin sanitation, which provides protection of surfaces from viruses for at least 24 hours.

The health protection rules they were defined together with the International Civil Aviation Organization and the European Aviation Safety Agency.

As reported by the source, the company also made it known that all the aircraft are already equipped with one filtering technology for purification.

Initially, it lets you know EasyJet, the reopening will be gradual and will involve eight Italian airports plus Geneva. The hope is to be able to return soon to connect more airports. The country manager of EasyJet Italia he spoke on the reopening of flights: “Air transport is a fundamental service and will play an important role in the recovery of the Italian economy”.

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