“Easy earnings”, but only for them: luxury real estate maxi scams, four arrests


Livorno, 21 May 2020 – They flattered their victims by promising earnings easy but actually the only ones who pocket the money, well one million euros, they were: five members of a criminal partnership between entrepreneurs is professionals who simulated being able to “place” abroad houses, hotels and land. And the head of this organization even with the lockdown had not stopped enjoying the glories of a comfortable life, living one fantastic villa with swimming pool near the sea, today confiscated and acquired by the state assets.

A blitz, the one that today has committed 56 units of the Guard of finance with 18 vehicles and even the helicopter, which was coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office Livorno and triggered by the magistrate of the Court of Livorno who issued restrictive precautionary measures, with the arrest of four people, two in prison and two under house arrest, and a disqualification measure which inhibits the professional activity of the fifth member of the criminal association: the holder of a important is known study notary’s of the Labronic city.

The “Limited” operation directed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and conducted by the Economic and Financial Police Unit of the Guardia di Finanza of Livorno disarticulated the association dedicated to the commission of international scams real estate and financial services to the detriment of other entrepreneurs and private citizens who, in practice, anticipated tens of thousands of euros expense allegedly necessary to set up English companies to deal with affairs with wealthy foreigners.

At the base, a series of complaints / complaints filed by 53 victims who set Procura and Fiamme Gialle in motion, allowing the identification of the responsibilities of 10 people involved in 28 fraud episodes carried out in Livorno and in 10 other locations in the Tuscany, from Florence to Casciana Terme, from Bibbona to Portoferraio, from Ponsacco to Fauglia, from Crespina Lorenzana to Riparbella, until you get to Volterra it’s at Follonica. Further cases also occurred outside Tuscany, in 8 other regions, since Piedmont (Alessandria) to Liguria (Camogli and Sarzana), from Lombardy (Pavia) to Veneto (Venice and Verona), from Emilia Romagna (Carpi) to Umbria (Assisi and Arrone), to Campania (Pozzuoli) and Puglia (Altamura).

For five of the ten suspects active involvement in a real emerged Association for crime aimed at fraud, which operated through diversified fraudulent schemes, adapted to various contexts. For the five, the judicial authority has ordered personal precautionary measures. In particular: for the dominus of the association, N.C., director of the British company Sts Investment, 39 years old, born in Piombino and resident in Livorno and for his 55-year-old collaborator and driver, M.B., born in Germany and residing in Follonica, arrest has been ordered; for the two accomplices, however, the former tourism entrepreneur Livorno G.D., 71 years old, already sentenced definitively for fraudulent bankruptcy and the owner of a construction company, B.M., 43 years old, born in Albania and residing in Follonicahouse arrest has started; to the notary that instead dealt with the authorism and seriousness of the matter to be concluded, the interdiction from profession for 8 months was notified.

There are three ways in which the 28 serious financial and real estate scams with an international character: simulating negotiations for the purchase and sale of houses, hotels and land, in which the victim of turn, interested in the sale of his valuable property that is not easily marketed, was boasted of the desire to acquire by groups or foreign subjects with large economic resources, Arab foundations, American tycoons, sheikhs, Chinese entrepreneurs or Croatian banks. A deal that was to conclude with the establishment of a “Limited”, a company governed by English law assimilable to Italian Srl and the payment of a substantial sum of money, usually equal to about 30 thousand euros, to be paid by the same potential seller, who collected the proponents of the business made themselves untraceable; intervening in the context of practices for obtaining mortgages or loans, in which recourse to the establishment of foreign companies at the expense of the victim was also envisaged, also here with the collection of the money and the subsequent unavailability of intermediary scammers; directly by purchasing movable goods, in which the needs of third parties were proposed to commercial operators to (in turn) acquire materials and furnishings of various kinds ready for delivery, then withdrawing the goods with the simultaneous delivery of checks, always bad debt because they are part of carnet subject to theft or loss.

Relevant the value of heritages estate object of business, made appear as easy to achieve by the associates. In reality it was not so, given that the value of the properties that the suspects pretended to be able to monetize the victims of their scams was greater than 150 million euros. in the face of the conduct, the Finance has reconstructed the illicit proceeds forfeited by the dominus of the association, which amount to one million euros, including 84 thousand euros transferred to Egypt at the branch of a bank of the United Arab Emirates and 170 thousand for furnishings and building materials acquired, also through scams.

Among the plots of one of these, the former vice-prefect of the Island of Elba had stumbled, Giovanni Daveti, who, as emerged in a parallel court case, after the real estate damage suffered, had procured explosive devices in order to damage the car of the person who is considered head of the criminal association. On that occasion, the retaliation was stopped by the timely intervention of the Green Basques.

Today, however, the head of the association was operated on seizure of all its luxury cars: an Audi R8 coupé, an Audi A6 allroad, a Range Rover and a Mercedes Cla Amg, with a total value of over 260,000 EUR.

The Yellow Flames, always on the orders of the judicial authorities, have also implemented the confiscation outright of the prestigious villa with swimming pool where N.C. lived, with a market value of 3 million euros, located in a residential area not far from the Terrace Mascagni and from the waterfront of Livorno, where the dominus had moved, although it did not have a title and that the scammer has used several times as opulent locations for the meetings in which he offered his business. The confiscation marks the conclusion of the previous judicial affair involving today’s arrested G.D., an entrepreneur who ran into the bankruptcy of a joint-stock company with which, at the time, he managed property investments and tourist accommodation facilities on the Etruscan Coast.

In addition to the villa, the confiscation also includes an apartment in the center of Livorno and a building plot in the Labronic district of Scopaia.

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