“Earthquake on the judiciary, institutions need response”


“The real earthquake that is affecting the Italian judiciary after the so-called ‘Palamara case’ requires a timely response from the institutions. This affects the credibility of the judiciary, which our rule of law cannot renounce.” Defense Minister Alfonso Bonafede wrote in a long post on Facebook.

“In my speech to the Senate on Wednesday, among the projects from which to start again in the field of justice, I referred to the reform of the Superior Council of the Magistracy: now we can no longer wait. This week I will bring the reform project to the attention of the majority , on which, among other things, we had already found an excellent convergence just before the pandemic broke out, “adds the minister.

“At the center of the project are: a new electoral system removed from the degeneration of current accountancy; the identification of mechanisms that ensure that the criteria by which appointments are made are inspired only by merit; the clear separation between politics and the judiciary with the blockade of the so-called ‘revolving doors’ “, continues Bonafede.

“These are – he underlines – laws that have been talked about for decades: non-postponable innovations on which institutions must not divide but, on the contrary, must be compacted. Also because they are not ‘against’ the judiciary rules but to protect the vast majority of magistrates who every day, with passion and professionalism, work for the protection of the rights of all citizens. They are those magistrates who do not deserve to be dragged into a whirlwind of controversy that aims to make all the grass a bundle “.

“As I said in these weeks (in which I have even been attributed, using instrumental decisions that are of the judiciary), an institutional man must not feed controversy but solve problems with facts”, concludes Bonafede.

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