Earth near asteroid | will pass very close to us


In these hours an asteroid will touch the Earth, with NASA providing official data on the measures that will affect this event.

An asteroid near Earth in the next few hours. Photos from the web

There NASA it is keeping track of a large asteroid more than a kilometer and 600 meters wide that will touch the Earth in these hours. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has specifically communicated the presence of a celestial body called 1997 BQ at a distance deemed somewhat close to our planet.

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The update is found on the page that lists the so-called ‘NEO’ – Near Earth Objects – objects close to Earth. The approach should take place at 05:25 am on Friday 22 May more or less. Fortunately, there are very, very low odds that the asteroid will collide with Earth. However, this space stone will touch us, considering what are the distances on a cosmic scale. The stray object will pass 6,156,756,296 km from our planet. Just over 6 million kilometers, which are not many considering, for example, that the distance from Earth to the Sun is on average 150 million km. Or that the one with Mars is on average 225 million km, considering a maximum distance of 402.3 million km and an estimated approach of 54.6 million km.

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Earth asteroid, this will be a close encounter

Currently 1997 BQ is also the largest asteroid listed on NASA’s NEO page. Which also explained how, during their travels around the Sun, NEOs can occasionally approach Earth. Note that a passage called “close” to Earth astronomically can be very far in human terms. As said, millions or even tens of millions of kilometers. NASA added: “To date we are not aware of asteroids or comets currently on a collision course with our planet, so the probability of a large collision is rather small.” The agency also calculated the trajectory of many other wandering celestial bodies, informing everyone that the risk of impact with them is zero for at least several hundred years to come.

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