E-bike, the new Italian model with infinite autonomy


Interest in the means of zero emission micro mobility, including electric bikes, scooters, segways and hoverboards, certainly thanks to the Mobility Bonus offered by the Italian Government, but also the desire to move easily in the city and without polluting.

In this climate, many companies, both Italian and non-Italian, are offering new electric vehicles on the market the very Italian Olympia Cycles, which has launched four new models of pedal-assisted bicycles that mount 900WH PowerNine batteries, capable of guaranteeing an autonomy that can reach 290 km in a completely flat route, which become 80 to 120 km instead if you travel a hill trip.

We can make a comparison with the two electric wheels on the market (BMW has also launched new scooters and e-bikes), most of the competitors are able to guarantee just under half of autonomy. This is why Cicli Olympia has taken a big step in this sector. All thanks to the battery with a capacity of 900Wh, made up of 50 automotive-derived cells. In addition to guaranteeing a much higher autonomy, it has allowed a great deal weight reduction, which can be compared to that of “normal” bikes, not pedal assisted and therefore without the battery installed.

The price Olympia Cycles’ new electric bikes are certainly not among the most accessible in the sector, on the contrary, but a lot of technology has a value and must be paid for. The price list of e-bikes with PowerNine 900Wh batteries start at around € 2,700, even exceeding € 4,300. The four pedal-assisted models of the Italian company are the EX 900, the EX 900 Sport, the Performer and the Mistral. The engine of these electric bikes, in addition to ensuring practically infinite autonomy compared to others on the market, it delivers power up to 25 km / h speed, a limit beyond which you cannot go.

The battery used by Cicli Olympia incorporates the cells derived from the automotive world, able to offer greater autonomy for the same weight. It is located on the front pillar, as in all pedal assisted bike models. As we have seen, the price is not exactly within everyone’s reach, but remember that with the Mobility Bonus, 60% of the expenses incurred for the purchase of these vehicles will be refunded, up to a maximum of 500 euros, so you can take advantage.

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