E-bike: Bianchi doubles the incentives


An additional 500 euro discount for the T-Tronik Performer. “E-bikes are an integral part of our future in the city and beyond, and this process will accelerate in the coming months,” says Bianchi’s CEO

E-bikes are experiencing a period of great expansion and recently they have also been introduced for first aid at 118 in Bologna and now, with the restrictions for COVID-19, the e-bike always becomes attractive, also thanks to the numerous government incentives.

Bianchi’s Lif-E project is part of the most central role of smart mobility, which sends a clear signal to the market with the doubling of the “mobility bonus” provided for by the “Relaunch” Decree Law. In fact, for the purchase of the new T-Tronik Performer e-bike, from 30 May to 31 August, Bianchi will apply an additional 500 euro discount on the list price, for a total saving of up to 1,000 euro on one of the e-MTB most innovative and performing on the market. The discount also extends to those who are not eligible for the mobility bonus.

The Lif-E project

Already last year Bianchi introduced an innovative vision of mobility and lifestyle, through the launch of the the world’s first intelligent electric mobility program applied to cycling: E-Lif. E-bikes as a means of transport represent a central element of Bianchi’s vision, built on three pillars: sustainability, well-being and innovation.

Less than a year later, this scenario has become much more than a simple virtuous goal but rather an imminent prospect for a company that is redefining itself on new premises.

We are convinced “, has explained Fabrizio Scalzotto, CEO of Bianchi, “that the bike economy can play a fundamental role in this recovery phase and Bianchi wants to be the protagonist of a moment of profound changes. The Lif-E project focuses on the person with the aim of deepening the human-machine interaction and improving the lifestyle, making it more sustainable, in particular for the benefit of the environment. This concept has reached a new dimension in the e-SUV model.

E-bikes are an integral part of our futurecontinued Scalzotto. “Already before, many people were rediscovering the bike as a means of transport, in the city and beyond, and this process will accelerate in the coming months. Bianchi Lif-E stands as the solution to new mobility needs, alongside a humanistic vision with an ideal e-bike range for the road, the city and the mountains“.

In this restart phase, Bianchi has chosen to give further impetus to sustainable mobility with promotion “Bianchi Doubles“.

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