Dusk Golem clarifies, announcement coming soon?


Leaker and insider Dusk Golem shed some light on rumors related to Silent Hill for PS5, summarizing the information disseminated in these weeks, stating how certain news is absolutely certain and personally verified by him.

Dusk Golem reveals to be 100% sure that in 2018 Konami evaluated two different pitches for a new Silent Hill with the aim of financing a reboot and a Telltale-style episode game. This news, says the insider, was verified thanks to his contact who worked on the project, a second friend also informed him that the development of a new Silent Hill would have started in Japan in early 2019.

AestheticGamer has subsequently carried out other investigations coming to the conclusion (but not having the certainty) that Sony Japan Studios is working on the new exclusive Silent Hill for PS5 with Keiichiro Toyama in the role of director, but we reiterate how this information are absolutely not verified, these are assumptions of the leaker and not of certainties.

Other alleged details revealed by Dusk Golem: Akira Yaomoka could be working on the soundtrack while Masahiro Ito would be dealing with the artistic side, the team would also see the involvement of numerous personalities who took part in the development of the Siren and Gravity Rush series.

Sony did not buy the Silent Hill IP from Konami, hypothesis that is firmly rejected by the insider, also the game may not be linked to Hideo Kojima, with the latter perhaps working on a horror project of a different kind. The new Silent Hill is classified as a Soft Reboot, the insider finally mentions the presence of an already playable demo / build, which could be shown shortly after the official presentation.

The announcement could be expected shortly, presumably in May or June, the leaker states in closing that “some information in my possession will make the announcement truly fantastic if they prove correct.

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