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After the stop for the Covid emergency, the first theory exams for obtaining driving licenses within the Motors will start again from 3 June. This is what emerged from the meeting in Rome between the head of the Department of Transport, Speranzina De Matteo, and the associations of owners of driving schools and boating schools. The theoretical exams, which will be followed after a few days by the practical exams, will resume safely throughout Italy, except in those regions that still have high risks of contagion. At the moment the exams in the driving school offices are blocked, as requested by ‘Confarca’, the confederation representing Italian driving schools, which today organized a series of protests that took place in some cities, including Rome , Bologna and Naples. “We are still satisfied – Confarca explains – because our requests have been brought to the minister, but we hope that the exams can be carried out as soon as possible in the driving schools. It is a problem that primarily concerns the inconvenience for many citizens of the province who would forced to do several kilometers to get to do the tests inside the engines “.

The associations of owners of driving schools and boating schools protested today in front of the headquarters of the Civil Motorization in Rome, against the decision to set the exams at the headquarters of the Motors and therefore exclude the possibility of being able to carry them out in the driving schools. “We want to expose our disappointment against a decision that risks further extending the time for the restart of the exam sessions”, explains ‘Confarca’, the confederation representing Italian driving schools, who participates in the meeting at the ministry headquarters.


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