Dr. Goodwin returns to the lane, the second season of “New Amsterdam” on Canale 5 starts


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The title is characterized by being a series of complaints: its doctors, who treat patients with the utmost professionalism, at the same time push to improve what the American health system makes available. Clinicians, paramedics and administrative staff have only one mission: to give the best possible help to those who need it, without paying.

The critics praised “New Amsterdam” and called the protagonist’s style “bold and unconventional”. Also appreciated are the cases represented, which are able to underline the anger of patients and family members towards strong powers.

“How can I help?” Bellevue doctors thus introduce themselves to those who arrive in their hospital. Who, like now, would not want to find a similar one in case of need?

WHERE WE WERE LEFT – Max, after the umpteenth inmate of the Rikers hospitalized urgently for an infection, puts together a team and enters the prison to check all her female population. Despite the hostility of Director Hughes, New Amsterdam doctors bring home results. Even if in the meantime, a fight breaks out in the mess hall which leaves four of them on the ground, then rushed to the emergency room. At the end of the long day, Max will discover that his tumor is regressing, while Sharpe will receive a severe punishment from Brantley, for helping a heroin addict patient. Meanwhile, the wounds plot something …

BELLEVUE HOSPITAL, THE HOSPITAL THAT INSPIRED THE SERIES – The hospital was founded in 1766 by a group of doctors determined to provide accessible medical care to all; hosted the first maternity ward in the world; it was the first public hospital in America, where every patient is welcome regardless of economic condition; it is the only public hospital that has treated presidents of the United States of America and United Nations ambassadors; manages a Penitentiary Department, the only one in the city equipped to treat the prisoners of the notorious prison on Rikers Island; inside there is a District Court, to quickly manage legal issues relating to the primary needs of patients; doctors and patients can use the same library; hospitalized children have the opportunity to continue their studies, during treatments, in the public school within the health facility.

THE CAST – Ryan Eggold is Dr. Max Goodwin, the hospital’s medical director. From the nonconformist approach, he struggles to prevent bureaucracy from interfering with patient care. Thanks to innovative therapies, he intends to restore the hospital to its former glory. Freema Agyeman plays the doctor Helen Sharpe, an oncologist more interested in career and conferences, than being in hospital in direct contact with patients. Aspri, the clashes with the new line dictated by Dr. Goodwin. Tyler Labine plays Dr. Iggy Frome, a child psychiatrist who loves to think outside the box, which is why he is constantly under pressure from the system. Anupam Kher plays Dr. Vijay Kapoor, a scrupulous and empathetic doctor. He wants to guarantee the best treatment for his patients, not only from a physical but also a psychological point of view. Jocko Sims plays Dr. Floyd Reynolds, head of the Cardiac Surgery department. With the arrival of Dr. Goodwin, his career seems in danger. The cause: the different points of view on the medical profession. But they will find a point of balance. Janet Montgomery plays Dr. Lauren Bloom, the head of the hospital emergency room. It collides with difficult realities, which thanks to its inexhaustible energy it faces with the utmost determination.

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