Douglas Costa is one of Juventus’ big question marks of the past two years. After an absolutely important first season with a vintage ending and a non-negative world championship, a definitely not good moment came, with the last season in which Massimiliano Allegri had forgotten what physiognomy the player had and this has been sufficient to date , but to pass on to the good it runs some water under the bridges.

The same footballer has expressed himself on the problems he has had so far: “Can I still play? ‘Because I go on the field and I hurt myself again. Then when I watch TV I understand that this is my passion and that I can still play at a high level . I joke with Alex Sandro that I have more resonances than presences. When I have to make another … these strange noises. It is something really crazy. People say that Douglas has the potential to be one of the best in the world, but injuries hold him back. This bothers me. I have the potential to be a top footballer, but because of me or not I can’t be in the best shape. This thing is very annoying. Every time I get hurt I ask myself: ‘What do I have? done wrong ?. I wonder why I can’t play continuously. It hurts. So I asked for any kind of help. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the mental coach. He’s not a psychologist, but what shows how childhood facts can still affect you or oday “.

The Brazilian may also be annoyed by the rumors that his potential is being curbed by injuries, but unfortunately it is the naked and raw truth. We have often seen him, too far off the pitch, sometimes even the protagonist of unorthodox behavior, too many things to be able to positively evaluate this player.

This year 18 appearances and only 679 minutes played, last year, 25 appearances and 969 minutes played and the year before 47 appearances and 2912 minutes played. We went, therefore, from a very good first season to a second negative one and a third from suspended judgment which can become sufficient if it will exceed at least 1000 minutes.

The bianconeri must decide what to do, keep it in full service or sell it, considering that the savings of 6 million net of annual engagement, almost 12 gross would be a great relief for the budget.

Confirmation will depend on how the vintage will end, the hope is that it will do so in the least discreet way.

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