doubts about 40-minute lessons. Unable to guarantee security


The president of the National Presidia Association Antonello Giannelli raises the alarm: it is impossible to reopen schools safely.

School leaders are concerned about school construction, the classes of 30 pupils, the remodeling of teaching hours and excessive bureaucracy. Concerns also about the safety rules, for the possibility of the 40-minute mini lessons suggested by the Scientific Technical Committee (necessary to allow the full didactic resumption in stages), which, however, require a timetable revolution, and above all the current criminal liability in accident matters.

Giannelli also asks for more human resources and to ensure the hiring of the winning administrative directors in September.

For safety, the government has made available 331 million for the restart of the school in September and 39 million for the attendance exams: schools will be able to buy masks, gloves, gels but also platforms and digital tools to support recovery. learning difficulties, as well as distance learning and tickets for virtual guided tours.

Beginning of the school year, 331 million are arriving at schools: they will have to be spent by 30 September. What can you buy

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