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A truce broke out between Giuseppe Conte and Matteo Renzi. The back of Italia Viva on Alfonso Bonafede’s motion is an example. “Yes, I must admit that the climate has changed. Conte has finally understood that he must take into account our position and we are ready to give him a hand. Let’s see, however, if the words will follow the facts”, the former prime minister confided to his second The messenger. And again: “The other day, after meeting the Prime Minister, Maria Elena said to me: don’t worry, everything is fine And so it really appears. Then we see, you never know. But the pact appears clear. To Conte I had sent to say: “Give attention and equal dignity to our proposals, or there is a crisis. It changes. And the Prime Minister has responded well to my solicitation, in the right way. I would say that he did a wonderful thing by relaunching our issues.” One positive thing: if the Democratic Party and the M5S will get angry? Maybe a little, but they will adapt: ​​they need to govern our numbers in the Senate, as demonstrated by the rejection of mistrust in Bonafede. Italy alive is indispensable “.

A rapprochement between the wrecker and the prime minister who worried the other allies. First of all the M5s which has already accused Conte of being “too aligned with the Democratic Party”. Thought widespread among the grillini where there was even talk of “Movement under siege, surrounded”. But among the ranks of the Democratic Party is not better: the shock plan to reopen the construction sites launched by Italy alive and made just by the prime minister does not like dem: “In the end on the procurement code, on public works, our line will prevail, also because a piece of the M5S thinks like us and like us has a conservative approach to the rules “. In short, it is clear: Renzi must be downsized.

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