Donald sanctions against Beijing: Hong Kong betrayed by US via WHO


Sanctions against Chinese and Hong Kong officials directly involved in the implementation of the new liberticide laws decided in Beijing, which are “a clear violation of the commitments that China must maintain for another 27 years”. China uses the pretext of security, but in reality it has decided to abandon the commitment to respect the formula “One country, two systems” replacing it with “One country, one system”: his. What Xi Jinping has decided against the freedom of the citizens of the former British colony is “a tragedy for the people of Hong Kong, China and indeed the whole world”.

It is a very severe blow to China accused in the premise of the systematic impropriety speech against the United States, of which the spread of the epidemic in the United States would be the most serious proof – what Donald Trump shot yesterday from the White House garden in a dramatic climate for the United States, while Covid is raging and unrest erupts in Minneapolis. The theme had announced it himself already last Thursday, after having sent ahead his secretary of state Mike Pompeo with the shocking declaration that he no longer wishes to consider Hong Kong autonomous from Beijing, and he had reiterated it yesterday morning with a sibylline character tweet cubitali: «CHINA!». The United States has also announced that it has “ended” its relations with the World Health Organization, too much in the hands of Beijing.

Trump waited to hold his report an hour when it was night in the Far East, and when the stock exchanges were closed. He was aware that the consequences of his words would be heavy. The pro-Chinese government of Hong Kong had subdued its intentions and had issued a warning to the White House: “Any sanction directed against Hong Kong would prove to be a double-edged sword that will also harm the interests of the United States.” It is obvious that Trump must take into account the complex repercussions that sanctions may have applied to China itself. But now the level of conflict between Washington and Beijing has reached such a high level that it has forced us to take into consideration risks that until a few months ago would have seemed inconceivable.

Much more cautious tones, but also clear choices by at least some European countries. London above all, which until 1997 was colonial power in Hong Kong. Premier Boris Johnson not only plans to organize an alliance between ten Western democracies (the G7 plus Australia, India and South Korea) in order to circumvent Huawei’s monopoly on 5G supplies, but has made it known that his government is ready to offer visa residents to the residents of the former colony. Berlin also expects Beijing to respect Hong Kong’s autonomy and the rule of law.

Ambiguous messages come from China. On the one hand harsh tones and threats, especially against Washington’s “separatists from Taiwan”: “If all efforts for peaceful reunification were to fail, one of the highest Chinese generals said in Parliament, we will not promise to give up the use of power”. On the other, in the words of Premier Li Keqiang himself, Trump’s offer of economic collaboration to America: “Our economies are interconnected, we continue to thrive together”. But after Trump’s speech, nothing is safer.

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