Domenica In, Giovanna Botteri is moved by Venier: “I feel a lot of loneliness”


The appointments continue with Sunday In: during the program conducted by Mara Venier moments of fun and deepening always alternate, for healthy entertainment that sees, moreover, the contribution of many brilliant guests who enrich the show with their interventions. Among these, one of the most significant of the last episode was that of the journalist Giovanna Botteri.

The journalist, sent to Beijing for TG1, was interviewed by an unstoppable Mara Venier who, with a broken foot, gave life to a really intense moment. Venier started by asking Botteri how he lived the last difficult months in China and the reporter did not hide her fears:

At the beginning it was a shock. Think, it started here first and suddenly we were told that everything had to stop. And it all stopped. It was a moment: completely closed, you couldn’t find food, all barricaded in the house. I was the envoy of war, but there I can tell you that you knew where the “enemy” came from, where you could hide. Here, however, nothing was known.

With an open heart, Giovanna Botteri confessed to Venier the difficulties of living away from her family at a similar time, also for problems strictly related to the understanding of what she was going through:

In Italy it was all normal, it was difficult to explain what was happening. They didn’t understand. When it happened in Italy they understood me, but now I was the one who was afraid. I had my daughter alone, locked in the house in Rome. I was helpless, there was nothing I could do.

To lighten the moment, Mara then sent a sweet video about Giovanna’s beginnings. Together they agreed that although the video work is often difficult, there is a great meaning behind what they both do. A meaning perfectly explained by Botteri’s words:

We are all the same, this is what is discovered by working on video. What we do is tell. And we must continue to tell why a sense of equality is transmitted, we are all on the same level, all happy, unhappy, frightened, sad. We are all the same. This is why we who go on video must tell it, we must transmit it.

Finally, after the memory of the journalists Ilaria Alpi and Miran, colleagues from Botteri who lost their lives in service, Venier asked the journalist a thorny question: she asked asked if she felt alone. Touched, Botteri revealed:

Yes, I feel a lot of loneliness. And it is a solitude that unfortunately is transmitted to those who are far away. But paradoxically this binds you more to the affections, which become even stronger. The sense of love remains, of the bond that goes beyond distances. Maybe what we experienced was similar to what I feel every day, being linked to those around you, albeit without touching him.

In short, despite this melancholy feeling, Botteri has managed to send a message very sweet, remembering that love and affections go beyond any difficulty. And they can make any situation easier.

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