Does Al-Khelaifi want Cristiano Ronaldo at PSG? Here’s what he should do to snatch it from Juve First page


“Year after year it shows a unique determination, an extraordinary strength of character. Always stay motivated by the desire to improve day after day, pushing beyond your limits. I admire his will implacable, is a great example for all the athletes of the future “. Signed Nasser Al-Khelaifi. Who with these words expressed his thoughts on Cristiano Ronaldo in the last interview given to France Football. Just enough to whet the fantasies of the whole world of football, ready to interpret Al-Khelaifi thought more or less rightly as a first step to come out into the open and reveal your interest in bringing the Portuguese Juventus star to PSG.BEST IN THE WORLD – Ronaldo con Leo Messi has always been able to share the role of best in the world and still today, having to take note of the failed attempts to overtake in this sense by his own star, the Brazilian Neymar, the story doesn’t change. Pure in terms of image CR7 and Messi have not been scratched by the Brazilian torn from Barcelona (literally doing everything) just to relaunch the Parisian brand in the world with a view to the 2022 World Cup.

WHAT WOULD YOU NEED TO CONVINCE IT – Psg about Ronaldo, then? The impossible word does not exist in the parts of Paris, perhaps even in Turin. Although we should imagine a sensational operation from an economic point of view, even more out of the market considering how the cyclone Coronavirus hit the world of football with Ligue 1 which has already closed its seasonal doors for a few weeks. Here, to convince Ronaldo to leave Juve you should at least make sure that he can confirm the same engagement that he perceives in black and white: that is 31 million net for the next two seasons, in addition to the rich slice currently frozen and that at least in part will have to be returned in the future. So at least 70 million net for the next two years, not much for a player who remains the number 1 but has always turned 35. AND TO CONVINCE THE JUVE – And then there is Juve to convince. The mere saving of engagement could not be enough, considering how this season the Juventus club has completed the payment of the purchase of CR7: 100 million to Real Madrid, 12 of ancillary charges (read commission to Gestifute), 5 of Fifa solidarity award. There are 117 in all, just half of the next year will have already been written off, therefore, to avoid losses, an offer of around 60 million would be needed. Admitted and not granted that the PSG, like any other club, can decide to reach this quota or maybe exceed it, then the doubt of the doubts at Juve would explode: better to plug the champion Cristiano Ronaldo economically or hold on tight? For now, only a hypothetical question, it is useless to seek an answer if in reality no one forces you to ask the question. But if Al-Khelaifi had really decided to throw the hook for the big fishing, the basis would be this: at least (at least) 60 million for the card, at least (at least) 30-35 million net per year of engagement.

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