Do you know the Google Amplifier app? Now also supports Bluetooth headphones (photo)


Vincenzo Ronca

Among the many apps and services that Google it also makes available especially for Android devices Amplifier, an interesting app that offers the possibility of amplify what the microphone of the headphones connected to the smartphone records.

The usefulness of the app is particularly relevant when, for example, you try to listen to a particularly noisy lesson. For devices pixel the app is also able to amplify it same audio output device: this does not mean an increase in the headphones volume of the content being listened to but an equalization that favors better identifiability of the items. The latest Amplifier app update also introduced the Bluetooth headset support, previous versions of the app only support headphones wired.

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The update of the app, related to version 3.0, is currently being distributed through the Play Store. Below you will find the badge download and the link to download and install version 3.0 manually.

Sound Amplifier 3.0.312014625 | Download APKMirror

Via: Android Police

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