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There is a bad air in Madrid: in the capital there is a war, now less and less underground, between the government and the Civil Guard, under the gaze, often not benevolent for the progressive executive, of the judiciary. Poisoned files, torpedoed police chiefs, sensational resignations, less and less veiled invitations to law enforcement to disobedience. In the background there is the judicial battle to establish the political responsibilities for the spread of the coronavirus, which in Spain has caused more than 26 thousand deaths, many of them right in the capital.

The fake news in the dossier
The case exploded with the publication of the final report of a police investigation prepared on the mandate of the judge who opened a file on the alleged delays of the government to declare the state of emergency for the coronavirus. In this document, the Guardia Civil has made a series of errors that are too obvious not to be noticed. In the reconstruction of the facts, the result of many days of investigations, unfounded news, manipulated testimonies, arbitrary reconstructions and even fake news circulated on the Net emerge, to accuse the government of having authorized a demonstration for March 8, despite the spread of the coronavirus ( Italy was already in full emergency). Almost all coalition ministers attended the procession in the capital, some of whom tested positive for the swab a few days later. “They had gloves to protect themselves from the virus,” says the police in summary, retrieving a news published by some sites related to the right and widely denied later. At the same time a Vox rally took place in a sports hall, and almost all the leaders of the far-right party were infected. In the same hours at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, 60,000 attended the championship match between Atletico Madrid and Seville. The following day the situation precipitated and it was decided to close the schools, starting from Wednesday, in the Madrid region. The lockdown was announced on the following Saturday, March 14th.

Among the suspects are the government delegate in Madrid (a sort of prefect) and the head of the scientific committee of the government, the physician Fernando Simon, who has been at the press conference every day for over two months to take stock of the situation on the emergency.
The background in Catalonia
Practically in the same hours, the Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska removed the commander of the Guardia Civil, Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos, already responsible for public order in the days of the independence referendum in Catalonia in 2017. Investigations manipulated by sectors Guardia Civil had already seen themselves in Barcelona during the most tense days of the independence challenge and in strange maneuvers against Podemos. Now it’s up to the national government, which today feels surrounded by large sectors of the “deep state” that do not accept the presence in the coalition of a party of the extreme left like Podemos.

In order to protest against the decision of Minister Marlaska, number 2 of the Guardia Civil, Laurentino Ceña, resigned while another heavyweight, Fernando Santafé, was removed by the minister, who, to the general amazement, denied that these layoffs were a consequence of the investigations into the demonstrations of 8 March.

The clash in the classroom
The opposition accused the minister of undue interference in an investigation involving the executive. In parliament the secretary Teodoro Garcia Egea of ​​the Popular Party (center-right) paid tribute to the policemen who “preferred to leave rather than make unfair decisions. You will not be able to put an end to the Guardia Civil. “Words read as an invitation to insubordination, in fact to coupism, by Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias:” You are inviting the police to not carry out the orders that your party indicates as unfair ? “. The head of government Pedro Sanchez, without going into the merits of the story, attacked the Popular Party:” By now you have the language of the far right, Vox. ”

The square on the right
In short, the climate is this here. All in a country that is slowly trying to get out of a very serious health crisis and is entering an unprecedented economic recession, perhaps mitigated by the announcement that the tourist season will start again in July, with the opening of borders. The tensions in the institutions have a consequence in the squares, occupied almost every day by the opposition militants who ask for an end to the “state of alarm”, the constitutional tool that allows the use of limiting travel due to the pandemic.

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