Dividends to keep in the wallet forever


On the markets there are the so-called dividend kings or dividends to be kept in the portfolio forever.

Return for life

When we talk about a constant income over time, not everyone knows how to quantify this time. And when it comes to dividends, not everyone has an idea of ​​how long they should last. Obviously everyone would like life-long rents, but many shares that detach dividends cannot afford such long horizons. Many, but not all. In fact, some securities are shares with dividends to be kept in the portfolio forever.

Dividend King

They are called Dividend King and are those shares that offer annuities on the rise for over 50 consecutive years. A dream? No, a reality that on the US market is the panacea for all the evils that afflict drawers in difficult times. Volatility from contagion and hysteria of investors looking for a solution as immediate as possible characterized most of the months of March and April. A stabilization is being seen now but one thing that has taught the pandemic is that it is always good to have a lifeline when investing. Many see this anchor in the aforementioned Dividend King such as, for example, Colgate-Palmolive. Its 2.5% dividend yield is the result of consecutive increases for 57 years.

Dividends to keep in the wallet forever

Similarly, Johnson & Johnson with its 2.8% coupon is also one of those dividends to be kept in the portfolio forever with 58 years of premium growth to its credit. But if these are names known to the general public, perhaps Dover Corp. (NYSE: DOV) it is not. The company is present in multiple sectors: from components of petrol pumps to solutions for the creation of signs, through food coolers to components for garbage trucks. In consideration of the various macro trends that will occur in the future (and that of garbage is already present) it can be an interesting asset to invest in. An extremely diversified business that has made it possible to increase dividend payments over the past 64 years.

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