Distrust to Bonaede, Renzi loads the wait and removes the mask to kiss the ladies


Someone has insinuated: fried air, he is only asking Conte for some more seats. Corridor of Busts. A zealous bag holder arrives. «Guys, have you read Matteo’s post on Facebook?». With cell phones, it’s a snap. Indeed, the head of Italy viva writes: “Today’s speech in Senate it is one of the most difficult interventions of my political experience ». Then don’t joke. For a few minutes, the atmosphere becomes sparkling. They go live on TV: maybe everything really comes down here.

But then Renzi appears at the buvette (tanned, hands in pockets, red tie, short pants on the ankle, slight pinguedine). And nothing: never seen so cheerful. Throw some punches on the shoulders of Casini, “But how much do I love you, Pier?” (Casini hunches and walks away). A yellow dress goes by: “Do you know you’re beautiful?” Renzi kisses them all – salespeople assist between amazement and embarrassment – he lowers his mask and kisses her on the cheeks. Two step aside. But – “smack!” – takes by surprise Gloria Scargetta, close collaborator of the vice minister of health, Pierpaolo Sileri.
The contempt for the Coronavirus does not explain enough. What else is behind such euphoria?

In the Salone Garibaldi – while in the courtroom Bonafede started to defend himself: «I am no longer willing to tolerate any ridiculous allegation …» – this rumor turns: Renzi got something from the premier, his 17 senators will vote against the motions of no confidence. A source: «Matteo had left with great requests. Like the delegation to secret services for Ettore Rosato. But they reminded him that his little party is nailed to 3%. So he would have been satisfied with the presidency of a House commission, perhaps the budget for Marattin, and a half-promise, in case of a reshuffle, by a ministry for Boschi “.

The senator turns around Paolo Romani, former group leader of FI, among the top experts in parliamentary negotiations (the real ones, because the Knight only made real ones).
“Is there so little in Renzi’s wheelbarrow?” (pretends not to know).
It seems so.
«Well, but then it’s a wheelbarrow … Ha ha ha! What then, look: in my opinion, Renzi’s is not even thirsty for power ».
So what is it?
«They tell me that, since he is no longer Prime Minister, he has developed a terrible syndrome: he wants to chase anyone who sits in the Palazzo Chigi».
But no?
«Believe me: you are convinced that you are entitled to that armchair».

Meanwhile, Renzi entered the courtroom, followed by his treasurer Francesco Bonifazi (but after that photo in which he was lying half naked with two white poodles on his chest, Bonifazi lost some of his appeal politician), and then here Giulia Bongiorno of the League, with plexiglass visor, e Simona Malpezzi of the Democratic Party, with sadomasochistic party shoes.

Government benches: Boccia, Di Maio, Speranza, Franceschini, Bellanova, Fraccaro. To the former grill Giarrusso they close the microphone because his time has expired, and a “vaffa” starts immediately. More elegant comparison quotes Aristotle. Urso prefers Pontius Pilate. Ironic Emma Bonino (presenter, with Matteo Richetti of Action, of the alternative motion to that of the center-right): “Minister Bonafede, you said: if there is a suspicion, even those who are clean must resign. Don’t you remember? Sin”.

Then it’s up to Matteo Renzi.
Go up to the top.
And he comes down with a bunch of his folks.
“I recognize that there have been important signs … We are not interested in having an undersecretary, but in unlocking construction sites …”.
Okay, got it. The two votes are a formality. A half smile escapes Bonafede. Giorgia Meloni, on Facebook (in real time): “Renzi, if you continue like this, in a while you will have more armchairs than votes”.

At this point, usually, everyone went to the bar for an aperitif and to eat – free of charge – industrial quantities of peanuts. “Annamosene at home, go …” sighs the grill Paola Taverna, to whom we should now ask for the good, bright times, when he shouted at us with his eyes out: “To zozzoni … Vaccines are dangerous!”. But, as Pope Francis says, we must learn to forgive.

May 20, 2020 (change May 21, 2020 | 00:42)


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